Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10/16 Quickie: Balloon Boy, Phillies,
Texas, Cincinnati, NFL Week 6, ALCS, More

LAS VEGAS -- So I'm wondering two competing things. (1) With my win on my first-ever sports-book bet (Cincy -2.5 over South Florida), should I call it a career? (2) Why did I bet only $50? I was SURE about that game.

My Vegas trip is halfway over. So far: A success. High-end hotel. Great meal. 1-for-1 on sports wagers. Terrific conference yesterday, seeing so many folks in person that I really only know by reputation or email correspondence, fun (free) party last night courtesy of the ESPN folks.

The time difference continues to throttle me. I was up at 3:30 this a.m. to file today's SN column, which leads with my attempt to tie Balloon Boy to the biggest sports story of the weekend. In short: Both B.B. and Texas-Oklahoma are vastly overrated as "events." (I'll still be watching, obviously.)

I'm not sure what can top the gratification of putting my money where my mouth was on Cincy -- a team I have been pimping as a legit Top 5 team since the start of the season. That was a terrific win, especially with Tony Pike leaving with the arm injury.

(I'll tell you what I'm not betting on -- Florida. And not just because the line is -25 or something equally freakish. I don't want to be in a position of rooting for anything but a win, period. I have to presume that most teams' fans feel similarly. You don't s--t where you eat, so to speak.)

More you'll find in today's column:

*Here's a treat: Watching the Phillies-Dodgers game last night in the company of massive Philly fans AJ Daulerio, Enrico from The 700 Level and OnTheDL's Dan Levy. Carlos Ruiz!

*It's almost not worth talking about Yankees-Angels Game 1, because the game's going to be a rain-out, from all indications.

*The other two games to keep an eye on tomorrow: VA Tech at Georgia Tech -- which is going to be my Upset Special -- and Iowa at Wisconsin (Wisco is favored over the unbeaten Hawkeyes).

*My Top 5 NFL Storylines for Week 6 -- Giants-Saints should be fun. Same with Ravens-Vikings. Other than that? I actually found myself staring at the board of NFL lines at a casino last night and asking aloud how on earth people bet on the NFL against the spread, given how unpredictable the results are. I can barely pick correctly straight up.

*The Lakers were in LV last night. I skipped that -- had more fun watching Cincy-USF and LAD-PHI on two huge screens with a bunch of really great sports fans.

Plus a ton more. Check it out here, and I'll be trying to file throughout the day. Still collecting my thoughts to break down the big takeaways from the conference.

(Any of you all have any college football locks -- in the mold of my Cincy pick -- that you want to pass along? I'd love to make a wager on behalf of commenters. Put 'em in the Comments.)

-- D.S.


Steve Sprague said...

Texas Tech plus 11.5 against Nebraska seems tempting. Tech only lost to Texas by 10 in Austin. Now we're supposed to believe that Nebraska will take them down by more than that?

I also like Texas -3.5 over Oklahoma. This feels like it will be a statement game for Texas, possibly a double digit win.

Andy Hutchins said...

Bet on Oklahoma. Do it. You know you want to.

You could even just bet on them straight up.

Dave said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wisconsin tomorrow as well. Also love Ohio State (-13.5??) and the over on USC-ND.

Trenchman003 said...

Have I missed something, or is the #11 team in the country getting points against a Wisconsin team that gave up three (3!!!) TD's to the Buckeye defensive and special team units. Iowa's battle tested, undefeated and has the better coach. Take the points and (pun intended) bet the farm.

Precourt said...

I know it is your upset alert, but VTU -3.5 or -3 depending on the book, looks good to me. You're favorite transitive property is in affect here.

Miami destroyed GTU
VTU destroyed Miami

VTU should handle GTU pretty easily.