Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 10/15 Quickie: Vegas Road Trip

So I was on the plane when Boise State-Tulsa kicked off, but if I had already landed in Vegas, I would have run to the nearest sports book and (legally) put my money on Tulsa, an 8-point underdog at home. Boise won by 7. I didn't win or lose any money and I'm already jonesing to explore the vagaries of the sports book in more depth.

Welcome to the Adventures of the Vegas Virgin! Yes, it is my first time (ever) in Las Vegas. Mrs. Quickie and I arrived in the early evening, checked in at the Wynn (v. nice) and managed to make it out for a ridiculously good steak at Prime before the time difference -- and my 4 a.m. (local) Sporting News filing deadline -- had me collapsed in a food-coma/time-differential heap.

Here's today's SN column, leading with my adventures in Vegas, but including takes on all the big storylines of the day. I've got the Blogs With Balls conference all day -- including a "Future of Sports Media" panel I'm moderating at 11 a.m. local time (2 p.m. ET) Posting will be spotty -- but I'll try to update via Twitter.

-- D.S.

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