Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 10/13 Quickie: Wildcat, Phillies,
Edwards, Lidge, Ingram, Durant, More

I have been on the side of the folks who think that the Wildcat is a disruptive and transformational force in the NFL -- not an incremental gimmick or fad.

And while the rest of the league timidly pursues some implementation of it, the Dolphins continue to go all-in -- and last night was nearly the landmark that its debut was a year ago.

Even as defensive genius Rex Ryan dismisses it as a "gimmick," the question that leads today's SN column is this: If your team is terrible, why WOULDN'T you experiment more boldly with it?

Meanwhile, Huston Street is the new Brad Lidge, and Brad Lidge is the old Brad Lidge - and the LDS round concludes, rather abruptly. Here was my favorite stat of the night: In the last four seasons, not a single LDS series has gone 5 games. Despite a few fun finishes in individual games, this year's edition was a dud -- was there any sense of series-defining drama? (OK, maybe the Yankees looking unstoppable -- but otherwise, wasn't this LDS defined by the teams that were swept out?)

More you'll find in today's column:

*Braylon Edwards: Can't complain about his debut.

*Kevin Durant finally gets plus-minus (he was plus-24 last night).

*NFL coach who needs to be fired: Fox? Zorn? How about Del Rio?

*Greatest moment of the decade in college hoops: George Mason making the Final Four, obviously. (And, oh, how I tried to make it "Florida wins back-to-back titles.")

*Rasheed Wallace is crazy: 72 wins for this Celtics team? Guess what: They're not even winning the East, let alone winning 72.

A lot more in the column today -- check it out here. More later.

-- D.S.

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