Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 10/14 Quickie: A-Rod, LCS,
Rush, Tebow, Weis, Arenas, More

Prepping to fly out to Vegas -- my first time there -- later today for this week's Blogs With Balls 2.0 conference. Updates coming as they happen...

With the abrupt end to the LDS series on Monday night, today lines up as a slow day. It's a good moment, however, to step back in the lead of today's SN column and recognize that A-Rod is on the verge of something huge.

There is nothing more redemptive in sports than a championship. Just ask Kevin Garnett. (Or Dan Marino.)

A-Rod could be one of the least likeable stars in MLB history, but as soon as he wins that title, the whole perception -- and perspective -- about him changes.

It is all the more important because it is now clear that A-Rod having big games is a big reason -- perhaps the biggest reason, offensively -- the Yankees are the favorite to win the title.

It is not enough for A-Rod to draft on his teammates to that elusive championship. He's got to lead them -- even carry them. If the LDS was any indication, this is the year.

(Alternatively, if he stumbles now and the Yankees DON'T win the title, he is an even bigger goat -- given what he proved he could do in the LDS round.)

More you'll find in today's SN column:

*Torre might retire after 2010, but I could see him coming back if the offer was right.

*SN was focusing on Sam Bradford being the clear -- perhaps only -- solid QB prospect of the 2010 NFL Draft (I'd argue McCoy is going to be very the right system), but the big news to me was that Tim Tebow was in SN's mock draft at No. 9, to the Raiders (Nooooo!)

*Oklahoma-Texas ain't what it was a year ago. (And, by the way, how "critical" could the game be if last year's winner didn't even end up with an advantage in the final BCS standings?)

*How quaint that Charlie Weis thinks that ND has a chance against USC this year. It'll be one more example of how overmatched Weis is against elite teams.

(I hope the BCS bowl honchos are taking note -- good TV ratings can't possibly be worth giving a BCS-unworthy ND a BCS bowl slot ahead of a clearly superior at-large team.)

*As a Wiz fan, I had been waiting on two things this preseason: (1) A Wiz win, and (2) Gilbert Arenas to have a very solid game. He was 9/11 FG and the Wiz won. I really want to pick the Wizards to win the East, but I know I'm not going to. I'll settle for "strong enough contender to give the Magic a series in the conference semis."

*I appreciate Jim Irsay going negative on Rush Limbaugh's ownership potential, but no one in the Irsay family is allowed to take the high road after the way they abandoned Baltimore in the middle of the night.

Complete column here. More later, more likely via the Twitter feed on the right side (or here, if you're on Twitter) than posts.

Happy 1st birthday to my amazing younger son. Having just experienced it, I will argue that there is no more of a blurry year that the 1st year of having a second kid.

-- D.S.


Andy Roberts said...

Good lord, dude, you could at least pretend to reserve judgment on ND/USC until watching the game. Remember, the last time a half-decent ND team hosted USC, they were an illegal push into the end zone away from beating them - and that Trojans team was a lot better than this one is.

I thought you were calming down your shot-taking at ND until they earned it? A 4-point road loss at UM marked by several suspect officiating calls followed by three (albeit closer-than-necessary) wins qualified as 'earning' shots?

Qwagmire said...

ESPN 30/30 did an Episode on "The Band That Wouldn't Die" about the Colts Marching band that hung in there and is now the Ravens Marching band.

VERY good Barry Levinson documentary.

Even better it paints Robert Irsay as an alcoholic with no sense about him. Even Jim Irsay related stories about his dad sending him on trips and not remembering where he sent him.

Watch it, and for true Colts fans, the older you are, the harder you cry.