Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday 10/17 (Vegas CFB) Quickie

It is my final day in Las Vegas. Mrs. Quickie and I stayed through tonight for two big reasons: We didn't want to be flying during the Florida game, and I wanted the chance to bet on college football -- on a full-slate Saturday -- for the first time.

I dipped my toe in the water on Thursday night -- successfully. But I have been touting Cincy for years -- let alone this season -- and I just KNEW that -2.5 was an opportunity.

In looking over today's schedule, I am feeling a lot less confident. I had every intention of putting my weekly picks on the line -- money behind mouth for once -- but it is not easy.

There is one game I feel strongly about (for myself... not for other folks -- for you all, it's for entertainment purposes only: Texas over Oklahoma (by more than the game's 3-point line). Probably USC (-10) over Notre Dame, given my constant anti-ND yammering. After that?

*Iowa at Wisconsin? Yikes -- so iffy, and I've gone back and forth between "classic trap!" for Iowa and "classic gag in obvious trap situation!" for Wisco.

*GA Tech over VA Tech? It's my Upset Special, sure... right up until I saw the Commenter who said to note my own Transitive property there. (Don't have to worry about the points there -- GA Tech is getting them.)

One thing I am sure of: I will NOT be betting on Florida in any way. It's a no-win proposition: If I pick them to win by more than 25 and they don't, will I find myself disappointed by a win? If I pick them to win by less than 25, will I find myself rooting against a rout?

And, so today, a very special edition of the weekly college football picks -- with and without the spread applied. (Still not sure which ones I'll actually bet on. Biggest prospects in bold. Will update on that.)

1 Florida over Arkansas
2 Alabama over 22 South Carolina
(But by more than 17 or 18? SC's D good enough to keep it closer?)
3 Texas over 20 Oklahoma
(But by more than 3 points? That's my bet.)
19 Georgia Tech over 4 Virginia Tech -- Upset Special
(GA Tech is getting 3-4 points. Gotta do it.)
6 USC over @ 25 Notre Dame
(But by more than 10? Back up your anti-Weis bias with cash, Dan!)
7 Ohio State over @ Purdue
(But by 2 TDs? At Purdue? Hmm...)
9 Miami over @ Central Florida
11 Iowa over @ Wisconsin -- Say...
(Hmm: Books have Wisco by 2 or 3)
12 TCU over Colorado St
14 Penn St over Minnesota
(But by more than 17? Hmmm...)
15 Nebraska over Texas Tech
16 Oklahoma St over Mizzou
17 Kansas over @ Colorado
18 BYU over @ San Diego St
23 Houston over @ Tulane
24 Utah over @ UNLV

More Games of Note
Michigan St over Northwestern
(But by 14? I kinda have to take the Cats, don't I?)
Clemson over Wake Forest
(But by 7 or more? Hmmm....)
Georgia over @ Vanderbilt
Cal over @ UCLA
Maryland over Virginia -- Not touching with 10-foot pole

More from this morning:

*One more reason the Yankees paid for Sabathia.

*Pedro! What a great effort, wasted.

*Sounds like Midnight Madness was as crazy as expected at Kentucky.

Sorry for the brevity on non-CFB stuff. I'm getting an early jump on what should be a fun day.

-- D.S.

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Johnny b said...

PSU won't win by 17 in the weather that State College is having