Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week's BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot: Big 3

Here is my first pass at this week's BlogPoll Top 25 ballot. Florida locks down No. 1, but I jumped Alabama over Texas on the strength of Bama's road win at Ole Miss, making the Rebels look absolutely awful; Texas dominated Colorado at home -- it simply wasn't as impressive of a win.

That's not to say that Texas doesn't have a claim on "Big Three" status, along with Florida and Bama. To be honest, I had trouble finding worthy contenders after that -- and after I got to the high teens, my feeling generally was the remainders weren't worthy of being ranked, for one reason or another. Maybe I'm too focused on "national title contenders." Anyway:

1 Florida
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 1
4 Cincinnati
5 Virginia Tech 3
7 Boise State
8 Oregon 1
9 Southern Cal 1
10 TCU 5
11 Nebraska
12 Miami (Florida) 1
13 Iowa 2
14 Ohio State
15 Houston
16 South Florida 1
17 Kansas 5
18 Arkansas
19 Penn State 1
20 Oklahoma State 1
21 Auburn 5
22 Brigham Young 1
23 Oklahoma
24 Georgia Tech 6
25 South Carolina
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Mississippi (#22), Stanford (#23), Missouri (#24), Wisconsin (#25).

As you can see: Arkansas gets a bump from me for beating Auburn and for being the best 2-loss team in the country. They play Florida next week in Gainesville -- maybe it's a trap game for the Gators... or maybe Arkansas becomes the best 3-loss team in the country.

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the bankrupt museum said...

Dan, agree the dropoff after the Top 3 is turning out to be pretty steep -- and I realize this is just semantics @ this point, but how can the "resume" voters NOT rank Alabama #1?!? Ala & Fla each have tough conference road wins over overrated teams, but Alabama has what is becoming clearly the best resume win so far this year (of anyone!), namely over VA Tech who is at least clearly a top 10 if not Top 5 team. In fact, if VA Tech runs the table from here on out, aren't they primed to be first in line (ahead of even USC, Ohio St) should Texas falter?