Monday, April 19, 2010

04/19 Quickie: NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft

Now you all know that I have shown insane levels of restraint in not making the blog a Tebow-NFL Draft hotbed -- I'm glad I have for that -- but we won't be able to help digging into the Draft (and its top storyline, Tebow) starting tomorrow through the end of the week.

But for now, today's SN column leads with the opening frame of the NBA Playoffs and how it sets the tone: KG getting suspended (dirty!), Kevin Durant getting an education in playoff basketball from the Lakers, and the Blazers getting raves for beating the Suns in PHX without Brandon Roy.

Personally, I find the pace of the NBA Playoffs to be interminable -- people gripe when there is a single extraneous day in between MLB playoff games. The NBA by practice puts days between each individual game in a first-round series. I love the NBA Playoffs, but man....

More you'll find in today's column:

*Memo to the Lions: Just draft Suh. Please.

*SN mock drafters don't see Tebow to the Vikings at 30.

*91,000 at Bama's spring game: Hol-eee....

*Mets get season highlight with 20-inning win Saturday (back to reality Sunday).

*Josh Selby is Xavier Henry all over again. Ho-hum.

*Dan Boyle: In for a rough day.... Just a mistake.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

1 comment:

Eric said...

I'm with you on the pace of the NBA playoffs. On the flip side, the pace of the NHL playoffs actually seems to pick up this time of year.

I would never suggest back to backs in the NBA, but 1 day off between same locale and 2 days off for travel doesn't seem outrageous.

I'm a bigger Lakers fan than a Kings fan, but as a whole I enjoy the NHL playoffs more.