Friday, April 23, 2010

04/23 Quickie: Tebow, Obviously

Ironically, I don't have a ton to add from last night's post-draft post.

The overall reaction seems to be "What a surprise!" I know I'm impossibly biased, but by yesterday morning, I really didn't see Tebow not getting taken in the 1st round. (Given that I had Tebow going to the Vikings and had heavily discounted him going to the Broncos, I will claim some surprise that it was Denver who got him. I didn't read those tea leaves closely enough, obviously.)

The second most-popular reaction seems to be "What a risk for Josh McDaniels!" I would qualify it as a calculated risk: McDaniels is a QB development guru, so if he thinks he can work with Tebow, I believe he can.

And, in the short term, McDaniels is among the few coaches who I think can creatively design situational plays -- short-yardage or goal-line -- to maximize Tebow's talents. And I think the opportunity is wide open for Tebow to start in 2011.

But the overall vibe is that Tebow was THE story of the Draft last night. Consider that: The 25th pick of the Draft eclipsed not just everyone in front of him, but a draft that was kicked off by a QB being taken with the No. 1 overall pick, usually a lock for "Story of the Draft."

I'm going to dig into all this more on TimTeblog a little later today, but the foreshadowing was in my final tweet last night: Tebow exceptionalism has been proven over and over again. At some point, doubting should become benefit-of-the-doubt. The default should be that he will succeed.

Tebow even influenced the second-biggest storyline of the draft -- Jimmy Clausen's freefall out of the 1st round. It was a study in contrasts, right down to the humiliation of Mel Kiper -- who dogged Tebow for months while putting Clausen as the No. 4 overall pick on his "Big Board."

I'm sure Clausen will go quickly in the 2nd round. Again, this was just a schadenfreudy humiliation -- it's no indication of his future pro success or failure.

More in today's SN column:

*Good morning after for Lions fans. A rare good morning.

*I love the Colts' pick of Jerry Hughes at the end of the 1st.

*Pete Carroll did really well: Solidifies OT and DB.

*That was the best game of Kevin Durant's career.

*That was probably the best game of Derrick Rose's career.

*Ubaldo Jimenez affirms he is an elite starting pitcher.

*I am so underwhelmed by the 68-team tournament (UNLESS they make the play-in game for the 12-seed, which would be kind of awesome).

*Will Elin just divorce Tiger already?

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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MjM said...

I'm honestly curious. In your opinion, what is the role of the "draftniks"? Is it to guess where each player will fall in each draft or where each player should fall in the draft?

If it is a question of where will they be drafted then I agree, Mel blew it. But if it a question of where each player should fall, then don't you think you are being a bit presumptuous in declaring Mel and the lot failures here? Won't the real test be Timmy actually performing at an NFL level? As of now he's done nothing. A team with adequate QB's took a risk on someone. Please wait to gloat until Tebow accomplishes anything. Otherwise it goes beyond creepy stalker fanworship and ignores reality.