Tuesday, April 20, 2010

04/20 Quickie: Ben, Bron, NFL Sched

I think it's pretty clear that the day of the release of the complete NFL schedule has become a holiday for fans -- part of the league's strategy for a year-round, no-offseason sport.

That's why they won't suspend Ben Roethlisberger today, when he would pull attention from the release of the schedule. They will mitigate the news as much as possible by wedging it between the schedule release and the lead-up to the 1st round of the NFL Draft on Thursday.

Schedule Day is the lead of today's SN column, but it's loaded:

*LeBron goes "Wap. Wap. Wap. Wap."

*But you have to love the Bulls' trash-talking.

*Hard to feel sympathy for the Nuggets.

*Wow, the Red Sox are not good. (And the Rays are very good.)

*Joe Maddon can wear a hoodie in my baseball league.

*Kyle Singler just made Duke the team to beat in March 2011.

*Remember the name: Jeff Driskel, Florida's next great QB.

*I don't mind Big Ten expansion. Super-conferences!

*There is a better-than-good chance that I am going to meet Tim Tebow tonight. Bonus post on that later this morning.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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