Thursday, April 22, 2010

04/22 Quickie: NFL/Tebow Draft Day

Well OBVIOUSLY I was going to lead today's SN column with a brief overview of Tim Tebow's draft prospects -- which I've given the shorthand "WWTG?" (Where Will Tebow Go?)

Let's start with this: Unless Ben Roethlisberger is traded, where Tebow goes tonight -- if he goes at all (more on that in a sec) -- will be the No. 1 story of the draft, fairly remarkable if you consider that he is hardly considered a Top 10 (even 1st round) talent.

Speaking of which, the big question is: Will Tebow go in the 1st round? Consider that the conventional wisdom, up until a week ago, was "2nd round" -- and that was considered some kind of inflation. Now, the conventional wisdom is presuming he will go in the 1st, with it being a surprise (if not a shock) if he goes in the 2nd.

More personally, let's also remember that tonight marks the start of a new NFL fan allegiance for me. (More on that later today.)

There's tons more in today's column:
*I love the new draft format, and I think there are all sorts of fascinating unforeseen consequences coming in the 18 hours between 11 pm tonight and 6 pm tomorrow.

*Big Ben: Well the Steelers kind of HAVE to trade him now.

*Roy Halladay: 30 wins or bust!

*I'm briefly but earnestly obsessed with Pete Carroll's Twitter feed.

See the whole thing here. More later.

-- D.S.

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Brooke said...

(I'm not registered at SN & don't have the time to register today, so I'm posting here)

About Pete Carroll's songs, I don't see a pattern, but one of those titles certainly stands out: "Superman's Song" by Crash Test Dummies.

Who else could that be but Tim?

(Unless Pete's just messing w/everyone's heads, which he has been known to do.)

Edit: I just had a second glance at that list & there are actually a few songs there that could apply to Tim: "Today Was a Fairytale" (Tim's fairytale-like career), "Jump Around" (Tim's jump pass), "Big Balls" (self-explanatory), "Soul Sacrifice" (Tim's faith).

I hate Pete Carroll...