Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04/21 Quickie: NFL Sked, Draft, Ben, Tebow

Let's get right to the point: I did, in fact, meet Tim Tebow face-to-face last night. I'm still trying to organize my analysis of the experience. I will say this: It is an understatement to say that he had never heard of ""

Aside from that recap, I've got one more Tebow-related post before the Draft that I will publish here. Bear with me.

As for today's SN column, there is a ton of ground to cover. Start with the thesis: This week showcases the NFL at the height of its power.

*The schedule release yesterday was AN EVENT (the NFL knows what it's doing kicking off the season with Saints-Vikings).

*They will do their best to mitigate the Big Ben suspension today by wedging it between Schedule Hangover and the climax of pre-Draft insanity.

*And then there is tomorrow's Draft, unprecedented in format and likely to draw the biggest audience in the history of the event. I had already thought that Draft Day was the single-biggest day of the NFL year besides the Super Bowl -- tomorrow will reinforce that.

(Speaking of the Draft, will Tebow show? As of last night, he still wasn't sure. I can make a compelling argument both ways. I would argue that the NFL needs him there more than he needs to be there for the NFL.)

More you'll find:

*The 2010 Thunder remind me of the '86 Bulls.

*Totally surprised by the Celtics rout.

*Unsurprised by the Suns rout.

*It's a farce that the NBA plays a playoff game on Sunday then doesn't play Game 2 until Wednesday. If MLB tried that, people would freak.

*Expect nothing from Big Ten commish Jim Delany today.

*Of the three big men who declared for the NBA Draft yesterday (Gallon, Babbitt, Samuels), one will be a break-out NBA hit. My bet is on Gallon.

*I'm not a big Mike Shanahan fan, but I'm glad to see him steering clear of T.O. in DC.

*I'm not a big Jason Taylor fan, and it's fair to wonder if he signed with New York to be near the media spotlight.

*Who didn't put Dwight Howard on their Defensive Player of the Year ballot? Transparency!

*I don't doubt that Edinson Volquez took fertility drugs. I doubt he took them for -- y'know -- fertility.

*I am fully on board the Jason Heyward Bandwagon.

*After all that stalling, Reggie Bush settles. He oozes.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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SF said...

I am not sure your Jason Taylor analysis is correct. I'm a Dolphins fan too. But I think his leaving is a product of the Fins ignoring him, JT wanting a shot at a Super Bowl, which he will get in NY, and the opportunity to play for a great defensive mind like Rex Ryan. JT saw the potential in the Fins and wanted to stay but the Tuna wanted nothing of him. But JT's reasons for heading to NY are sound, as much as it makes me want to vomit on myself to see him in NYJ green.