Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tim Tebow Drafted by Broncos

I am still processing the events of the night:

*Tim Tebow was, in fact, a 1st-round NFL Draft pick. Not only that, but he was the only QB taken in the 1st round besides the No. 1 overall pick, Sam Bradford.

*The Broncos are a curious fit: They have Orton and Quinn -- hardly long-term solutions at QB. But McDaniels is a Belichick protege, and Tebow (and Urban Meyer) are Belichick-friendly.

*So I guess I'm a Broncos fan now, hunh? I already got multiple texts from a friend in Denver welcoming me to the fan base. Tebow's Broncos jersey will be a Top 10 seller in the NFL in 2010.

*The biggest loser of the night was not the undrafted Jimmy Clausen -- it was Mel Kiper, who had Clausen ranked as the No. 4 overall prospect of the draft. It is a discrediting moment.

*"Tim Tebow Draft" is the No. 1 most searched term on Google tonight. What a bookend to the "John 3:16" Google domination in January 2009 that convinced Tebow to return to school.

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-- D.S.


Brian said...

As a Browns fan and an Ohio State fan, I already had enough reasons to dislike the Broncos and Tebow. This draft makes it that much easier to focus my disgust.

McNater said...

And what happens if Clausen ends up the better pro than Tebow? Still a discrediting moment then?

Craig Dodge said...

Welcome to the Broncos party, Dan! As a Broncos fan for the sum of my 33 years here on earth, we welcome you!

Michael W said...

My wife was born outside of Denver, been a huge Broncos fan her whole life. She's been getting more and more fed up with every decision McDaniels has made, and I think Tebow might have been the final straw for her. She's talking about boycotting the team until McDaniels is fired.

Tough crowd.

Kelly said...

I've enjoyed all the Tebow coverage and especially enjoy the timteblog. I am anxiously awaiting the post where you discuss your "8 minutes" with Tim. I am looking forward to the NFL season and preseason workouts, I hope you continue your coverage at timteblog! Thanks and Go Broncos!