Monday, September 18, 2006


Just had to say that. More in the morning.

This MNF live-blog was good stuff.

-- D.S.


FreKy J said...

The Jaguars sure did look good in declawing the Steelers.

FreKy J said...

Another thing. Is it just me, or does everyone expect the goofy Shooter McGavin finger-gun move whenever the camera shows Jack Del Rio?

Unknown said...

Dan - your Jags made me eat my words last night. I was convinced that the Steelers would be able to ride the emotion of having Big Ben back and hold that Jags offense stagnant.

I didn't realize how poorly Ben would play - he just looked really off all night and I think that the Steelers would have been better off to play Charlie Batch one more week and let Ben heal fully.

Really good game though and definately makes the Jags a team to watch right now.

Dave Jackson said...

Great performance by the Jaguars. But talk about disrespect. Young, Jackson and Theismann, among others, can't pronounce their name correctly. It's not Jag-wires, once and for all, it's Jag-wahrs!