Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday P.M. Wrap

Sorry I was light on the posts today. Great work on the "Questions" post below!

Let me attempt to clean up the afternoon remainders:

Yankees can clinch division tonight
: Wow, that was a lot easier than we thought it would be in April. Team to beat in the A.L. playoffs -- and it gives me no joy to write that.

Deaf sue Skins
: I kind of assumed that NFL teams already had some sort of closed-caption system for the hearing impaired.

Fisher rips Volek: Billy felt he was thrown under the bus,'' Fisher said. ''Billy threw this organization under the bus, along with a number of his teammates.''

Don't accuse Tiger's wife of doing porn: Tiger is ticked at an Irish magazine that tried (and failed) to use satire to gently (or not-so-gently) mock Elin. Don't mess with the spouse.

Finally, I filed the final version of my BlogPoll college football Top 25 ballot this week, the biggest change was that I flip-flopped Florida to No. 5 and Michigan to No. 6 and dumped Alabama altogether, adding Cal into the tenuous 20-25 range.

(Why the flip of UF and UM? Mainly, it was because of the blog commenters who pointed out that I can't say Notre Dame is overrated and give Michigan TOO much credit for beating them, even at South Bend and even in the stomping-ass way they did. Thanks for your help. We'll revisit next week. As for Bama, a Tide fan wrote to tell me they didn't deserve it. Kudos.)

Update (7:28 p.m.): Just saw that "Once in a Lifetime" is on ESPN2 tonight at 9 p.m. ET. It's a documentary about the 1977 New York Cosmos. It's a great story. (Varsity Letters Reading Series participant David Hirshey covered the team for the NY Daily News and has a part in the movie.) It was at the Tribeca Film Festival, too. Definitely worth a watch (or TiVo).

-- D.S.


Wayman Fam said...


Does the porn thing just motivate Tiger, or does he get distracted?

My Take: I think he's about to take some Euros behind the shed with a hickory stick.

Brien said...

ESPN ran the "list" of people who recently dissed Tiger ... all of whom were trashed on the course by Tiger in the next event following the dissing.

The biggest difference here? Those other guys dissed Tiger ... but that newspaper dissed his wife ... and that, my friends, means that the European team might as well just hand over the trophy, right now.

Not only will Tiger be on a mission ... but so will the rest of the team.


TBender said...

How much money can Tiger make this weekend by playing high caliber golf?

Thought so. Euros win again.