Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Night Football:
"My" Jags vs. Defending Champs

Did you actually think I'd forget to talk about my new favorite team?

Now everyone in the country gets to see what all the fuss is about.

Now that I finally have an NFL team to root for, they beat the Cowboys then host the defending champion Steelers at home on Monday Night.

"My" Jags remind me a lot of the Steelers from two years ago: Fantastic defense, with a QB who does just enough to win. (Not that this mix won the Steelers a Super Bowl that year... but it did the NEXT year.)

I keep projecting that the Steelers shouldn't play Ben Roethlisberger; the Jags D is going to hurt him: Not intentionally, mind you, but for a first game back after an appendectomy, he's going to get hit -- hard.

(Then again, who's more fragile: Big Ben, coming off an appendectomy, or Fred Taylor, say, in any given week?)

Comment question: What's the biggest storyline of the game tonight? And what are the keys for both teams? (No, you don't have to approach the question seriously.)

Pick: Jags (obvs)
Week 2 Record (so far): 11-4
Best picks: SF over STL; MIN over CAR
Worst pick: ARIZ over SEA

-- D.S.


Christian Thoma said...

We interrupt this comment for latebreaking news:

I, Christian (High Point, NC), just won 2 tickets to Carolina-Giants on December 10th by beating several coworkers in Dance Dance Revolution. This victory was accomplished despite the two handicaps I suffer, namely, I'm white, and I work in IT.

That is all.

Pete said...

"Your" Jags? Good luck with that Dan- Byron's delivery is worse than Vince Young's. I mean he starts his release from his hip and goes overhand- what is that? If a running back can stay healthy there in Fla, then yea, the Jags have a chance with that D but I wouldn't put anything past these Steelers. Big Ben or no Big Ben, Bus or no Bus- they were impressive last week and methinks they will be impressive most of this season.

Bryan said...

Congratulations, I too work in IT, so I know of the great obstacle you overcame.

Mark (Austin, TX) said...

Pittsburgh would be foolish to start Big Ben, but they may not have a choice. Its not like the schedule is getting any easier and there are plenty of heavy hitters coming in the next week. Big Ben needs to get into game playing shape, and the sooner the better (especially with Cincy and Baltimore out to 2-0 starts).

Storylines for tonight:

Can Tony K get of the schnide and offer us some of that wit and humor we all watch PTI for?

Do we have an over under for when Thiesmann threatens bodily harm on Tony for said wit and humor?

Where will the second Monday night team be? Sitting in a bar somewhere going "We know we are better than these dolts?"

Brien said...

This also just in ...

Accountants everywhere (including this one) rejoice at Christian's win ... we are now no longer the geekiest profession on the planet.

Brien "I have no moves, either, but I am unwilling to verify that for the world to see ..."

Jen said...

I hope "your" Jags win so that I can move into first place in my family's football pool.

Christian Thoma said...


Actually, the person who came in 2nd was Accounting. The problem with Accountants is that they're Geeky but no Fun. At least IT is a fun Geeky.

The fun part I had was that I was the only person actually trying to dance. Everyone else was just tapping. So even if I hadn't won, I would've been victorious.

Richard said...

Personally, the biggest sory in tonight's game is on the Fantasy scope since I don't care about either team.

I'm currently up by 5 points and have Willie Parker. My opponent has Big Ben and the Jaguars defense. Wish me luck.

Marcus T said...


as a fellow IT graduate and currently looking for a job, I congratulate you. You are totally right, we are geeky, yes, but fun as hell. We also go out drinking!

Unsilent Majority said...

nerds LOVE Shanoff!

Ma4tt (the 4 is silent) said...

There's no need to start Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers should have beaten the Jags last year WITH TOMMY MADDOX UNDER CENTER. It took 2 turnovers in overtime (4 total) by Maddox to give the game to the Jaguars. Any reasonably competent QB can win the game for Pittsburgh - and Charlie Batch seems to be reasonably competent.

Mark (Austin, TX) said...

Wait, I work in IT for a CPA firm, so I am the IT geek for a bunch of Accountants. Does this make me some kind of geek overlord?

Bryan said...

Mark -

LOL, it very well may. You should change your display name ;)

Badass Of The Year said...

Oh Dan, I forgot to thank you again for jinxing the Redskins for me. Excellent job on that one!

I hope they don't start Big Ben tonight because he's my other fantasy QB and I need him next week when P. Rivvy has his bye week. Yep, those are my 2 QB choices, but I'm stacked everywhere else.

Even though I'm not an IT or accounting geek/nerd, congrats on your victory Christian, a DDR win is quality stuff.

marcomarco said...

Christian, being a fellow white IT'er, am I assuming too much by stating that the 'running man' must've been involved in your performance?

Then again, I'd imagine your competition was full of pocket protectors, coke bottle glasses, acne, dungeonmasters and bedhead.


Pitt's D wins tonight's game in spite of Rothlesbiker. Is week 2 the odds on favorite for the Fred Taylor groin pull?

Chris (CT) said...

Give me the Steelers tonight. The Jags are missing a lot of pieces in that D and Big Ben is back. All he does is win.

On a side note, Dan, have you mentioned how awful the song is for Sunday night football? Am I the only one that thinks it's awful? I can't be.

SteelCitySoldier said...

Hey Chuckleheads,

Yinz don't need to worry 'bout Benny. His appendix is gone so it's not like he can re-injure it. Plus he wouldn't miss the chance to show up another MAC qb. He, like me, is a Steel City Soldier.

Stillers by 10

PS. As a fellow IT'er I don't know if I should be happy for your victory or ashamed that you were playing Dance Dance Revolution. I'll take ashamed...and I'll put the line at ashamed(-7.5)

wildpitch_20 said...

Enough with the Fragile Freddy talk. The guy had the 2nd longest streak among RB between 2002 and 2003 only to the iron man curtis martin. 37 straight games he played. Every RB gets hurt just because his name sounds good with fragile doesn't make him just that.

Christian Thoma said...

marcomarco and steelcitysoldier:
the competition was mostly non-IT folks (and the whole thing was set up by HR). I had to represent

Unknown said...

Man anyone who doesn't think special teams can change a game - ask Pittsburgh how it feels to start every drive from your own 8 yard line.

So far the MVP of this game has been the Jaguars coverage unit.

wildpitch_20 said...

Yeah that coverage unit was 6 inches away from downing it at the 1 again. Amazing that 6 inches can cost you 20 yards.

Christian Thoma said...

Steelers have 91 yards of total offense through 3 quarters. Unbelieveable.

Colts vs Jags: The Irresistable Force versus the Immovable Object

Matt Hooper Presents said...

is it really possible that a former college quarterback is the NFL's most sure-handed receiver?

as a student SID at Alabama a few years ago, i watched matt jones absolutely destroy some very good SEC defenses (including ours) with that deceptive 4.3 speed. never thought he would make such a great transition to wideout though...

wildpitch_20 said...

And you know with the idiots running television that game won't be seen outside of indiana and jacksonville.

Matt Hooper Presents said...

and hey, byron leftwich and dontrelle willis have the same throwing motion

Sheldiz said...

yawn.... (10:56 pm, 12 minutes left in the 4th)

Charlie (Seattle) said...

I'm so tired of Kornheiser and Theismann fighting the whole time. Bring back the B squad please. I'm close to watching this game on mute.

And does anyone else look at their cell phone each time they play the little sound bite that goes with all stats? ESPN needs to do some work on this whole MNF thing.