Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday A.M. Quickie: Kickersaywhat?

NFL Star of the Day: Ryan Longwell.
The Vikings kicker passed for a TD and kicked the game-winning FG. Which makes him a more successful QB than former Packers teammate Brett Favre.

(Runner-up: Rex Grossman. Who saw THAT coming?)

Complete NFL Week 2 coverage coming.
Click here for some first impressions.

T.O. out 2-4 weeks with broken finger:
It's like the "Gloryhog" saw his shadow in primetime, and now we'll have another month of T.O. coverage we don't want. It's worse than an extra month of winter.

Padres, Dodgers flip-flop in NL West:
It ain't sexy, but the Padres took over first place in the NL West by a half-game, putting the Dodgers in the Wild Card (Phillies 1 GB). They play one more today, so this could change daily.

Here's the upshot question on this: What does a division title even mean? Division champ, Wild Card... who cares? As long as you get into the playoffs, that's all that matters, right?

AL Central: Twins 1 GB Tigers:
(DET at CWS today) The White Sox are enough games behind the Twins for the AL Wild Card that they will be playing with some do-or-die urgency vs. the division leaders. That's good news for Twins fans.

Ryan Howard hits No. 57:
The best non-pennant-race story in baseball keeps getting better. Only 5 home runs to a wild argument over who the REAL Home Run King of baseball is. (Sin


Christian Thoma said...

Padres/Dodgers are similar. Dodgers actually match up better against the Mets than the Cards, so they probably want the WC.

BTW, cheap shot at Brett, who had good numbers yesterday. You're just bitter he's not washed up yet.

Speaking of washed up, how come no one ever plays that card with Brad Johnson?

And where the love for Kevin Harvick?!?

Christian (High Point, NC)

Mikepcfl said...

Actually, the Ravens' vs Chargers game on Oct 1 is in Baltimore, I have tickets. Should be a great game.

But my rant is about how Jake Plummer sucks ass as a QB. I listened to the Sports Guy and made a teaser bet on Sundays games. I took the Ravens, Colts, Bengals, Chargers and...Broncos. The first 4 teams won by an average of 25 points. Then I realized my huge payday rested on Plummer being able to lead his team over the Chiefs who were starting Damon Huard, had a horrible defense and were playing in Mile High. Needless to say, Plummer couldnt pull out a 4.5 point victory and my payday was gone. Serves me right for placing confidence in Plummer!

Unknown said...

What debate? Bonds - 73 HR is not going to be erased any more than Rose's hit record would be erased.

I don't care what the ESPN polls say...if Howard hits 62 this year..the outrage will last..oh...a month. Which is a month longer than it should last.

Unsilent Majority said...

each week a small part of me dies

Brien said...

BTW, cheap shot at Brett, who had good numbers yesterday. You're just bitter he's not washed up yet.

Speaking of washed up, how come no one ever plays that card with Brad Johnson?

Hall of Fame quarterback ... $10 million

Journeyman quarterback ... $500,000

Being 2-0 versus 0-2 ... priceless

Brien "And I'm not even a Vikings fan ..."

Mega said...

Can we please have a loooooong article about Notre Dame getting BLOWN OUT this past weekend? I am so sick of the media hype surrounding Notre Dame, and how their bandwagon fans have invaded the city of Chicago. The Irish were slapped off the face of NBC and it was a victory for true football fans everywhere.

Mikepcfl said...

Yes, I am the worst gambler of all time! I deserved to lose. haha But someday Plummer...someday!

Kurt said...

Oh Dan, don't be silly, the only debate about homerun records if Ryan Howard hit 62 would be in your head. Unless you're willing to fully research every possible case of cheating in baseball in the last 100 years and overturn every record coinciding with the cheating, don't make assanine claims. Just because you have beef with Barry doesn't give you the right to target him and only his records.

Jake C said...
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William Joseph said...

I am not really following what Howard is doing too closely. He needs to get about 10 more HR's before he'll even be close to the record.

Jake C said...

So no mention of the greatest comeback in a football game in the past few years? Eli and the Giants baby! Talk about a complete 180 in the 4th quarter. I was close to calling in sick in the 3rd quarter when you add it ND's debacle Saturday.

And, I'll say THIS as a ND fan...yes, Notre Dame is not a national championship team. No, they are not as bad as Saturday. Wooden, and whoever that bum nickelback was, completely blow! Quinn...don't know what happened between last year and this. He looks like he might be trying to hard all of the time. Funny how Quinn's numbers are practically identical to Troy Smith's, but Quinn lost the Heisman while Smith is near the vote goes to Slaton - he's a beast.

Chargers and Vikes need to prove their true skill against a quality team before I bite...oh, and what a comeback by the GMen!!!

Unknown said...

Well yeah, Jake.

Troy Smith won. Troy Smith doesn't get flustered. Troy Smith can win the big games.

Christian Thoma said...

How the heck are Quinn's numbers close to Troy Smith's? What numbers are you looking at? Smith doesn't have a single INT, let alone the 3 Brady threw versus Michigan, and Smith didn't fumble a TD.