Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pete Rose: Worst Backtrack Ever?

From the lead of the latest AP story:
"Pete Rose never expected baseballs bearing his autograph and a printed apology for betting on baseball to be sold publicly, his business agent said Monday."
This might have reached new levels of "he must think the rest of us are complete effing idiots."

The funny part is that for as much of an autograph-money whore Rose has been throughout his life, his agent says he didn't make a cent on these particular balls.

-- D.S.


1 of consequence said...

is pete rose even worth the media time and space these days.

i still struggle to see the difference between his situation and shoeless joes... except for the fact that shoeless joe may have actually been innocent...yet i get the feeling that inevitably he will be allowed into the hall and back into baseball.

Jason said...

If he's ever let in, it'll be after he's dead and unable to make a cent off of being a hall of famer (i.e. by selling his autograph for even more).

Mark (Austin, TX) said...

*Yawn* I have a hard enough time caring about baseball in general, I can't be bothered to worry about Pete Rose...

Perks said...

Re: baseball in general...

Peter Gammons is coming back tonight!

With that and the LAD-SD game last night, I'd like to say that baseball is back. I thought it to be dead (especially being a BoSox fan), but I will never forget just how great baseball in October can be. Also, with the start of football, it's always hard (unless there's a big Yanks-Sox showdown for the playoffs) to upstage both the NCAA and NFL combined. Oh, and when ESPN has MNF, that never helps MLB.

Manada said...

This is not a comment about Peter Rose...

I just read the TMQ on ESPN.com, and please tell me that week after week this becomes THE WORST COLUMN EVER!!!

I hate Gregg Easterbrook - I'm glad he was off ESPN for the past couple of years, his rants are a joke and his columns never have any real substance other then to annoy the hell out of me - I vow never to read them again.

How do they bring back this no-talent hack, while they get rid fo the Quickie!!!!

Tell me this!!!

Other than the occasional Bill Simmons rants - which are also getting a bit watered down might I add - ESPN.com really is starting to lack in style and substance.

Whew! That was my rant of the day fo you.

BTW - Did you ever read Kevin Cott's (the former Sports Guy intern) blog?

It was pretty good until the readers totally made a mockery of it - good thing you did the registration thing.

Cincysportsfan said...

Pete Rose: How many bad PR decisions can one man make in a lifetime? Great player, poor decision maker.

ESPN: I agree with Manada. Without a few cheerleader references, TMQ lacks substance. Bill Simmons is still a good read, but losing the Daily Quickie and other writers, it is no longer a must read.

FreKy J said...

Pete Rose = Denny McLain.

Amazing ball player. Amazingly bad crook. Easy mark for real crooks.

Mega said...


Best. Post. Ever.

I completely agree with you and then some. Shanoff's column was the only reason why I ever visited the Booyah Network's website.

Now all I need is this site for my sports news!

Al said...

Ok, so I wasn't the only one then who wandered out of the room 1/2 way through TMQ.

I grudgingly finished it an hour later, just so I wouldn't feel like I was missing something

Manada said...

Sorry - I can't let this go.
One last point on TMQ:

He spent over 1,000 words ranting about "StarGate SG-1" and how it's going to get cancelled.

This is still a sports webiste right? He's supposed to write about football right? Then why the hell does he write about a TV show that no one watches?!


Richard said...

Let me defend TMQ for a minute.

Sure his rants are dumb and pointless. That's why I skip them and only read the football stuff. Some of it is pretty good.

The better read these days is SI.com. You don't have to pay for the best collumns and most of the writers are very good.

MP said...

This Pete Rose story makes me sad. It shows that he just so badly wants into the Hall that he'll do anything to keep himself in the hearts and minds of America.

Geez, just end it already and let him in. Hasn't he (and we) suffered enough?