Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday P.M.: Last Word?

Good start to the week, right? Check out what you might have missed today, and be sure to have your say, too:

*MNF: Who's your pick?

*Clarett: Best prison-football player ever?

*CFB Top 25: Is my ranking wrong?

*NFL Week 2: Who's the best 2-0 team?

*Monday A.M.: Ryan Longwell, NFL MVP?

-- D.S.


Unsilent Majority said...

I'd still take Lawrence Phillips in my dream backfield.

Florida is measty. You shall fear Brandon Siler!

Gary said...

Don't you think the University of Oklahoma's president should be upset over more important things than college football officials?

I mean, I understand if the AD and head coach, or even Big XII commish get upset, but the president?

It just goes to show you what runs these big schools, MONEY, and football brings in the big money.

But then again, who am I to get up on a soapbox and talk about peoples feelings of importance towards sports? I am the one commenting on a sports related blog!

TBender said...

OU's president should also be upset at the DB that allowed the Duck WR to waltz by him into the endzone.

Yeah, two calls were blown, but that doesn't mean you don't stop playing.

Nateusmoore said...

I'd say the best prison football player is OJ Simpson... oh wait, what? He's not in prison? Didn't he kill two people? Huh. weird.

FreKy J said...

Dan, I thought I would take this opportunity to post my comment that the CFB top 25 is a real opinionated sham. I've developed a ladder ranking system that is similar to those used in video game leagues. You or anyone else that wants to can check out what I've come up with by following my username to the blog I posted about it. Based on that system after the first 3 weeks of data, Florida is the #1 ranked team. I'll post the ladder top 25 tomorrow when I get to work, because that's where my data is.

marcomarco said...

Dan, I'd like to offer a suggestion.

Open a pick-em league in Yahoo (starting week 3), so we can all battle against you in college and/or pro.

Spread or no spread, your choice.


I don't think there's a max to entrants, think about it.

Jingoist said...


Already have a pick 'em on ESPN. The old DQR group...