Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ALCS vs. NLCS: Uh, Simulcast?

I'm sitting looking out my window at the rain showering NYC, and I'm wondering if it'll be over by game time tonight at Shea... and, if not, how long they'll let it rain before calling the game? Would they take a 9 p.m. start? 10 p.m. start?

If nothing else, it'll let you direct your attention completely to the Tigers-A's series. That is, if you're not watching, say, Lost.

Anyway, I want to open up the Comments section for your pre-game(s), mid-game(s) and post-game(s) analysis of the two LCS series on tonight. Why are they showing them at the same time, again?

-- D.S.


Mega said...

ESPN confirmed that Cory Lidle died in plane crash:

Brian in Oxford said...

Considering FOX has no business scheduling both games at the same time (after spreading the division games all over the day)....they should be interrupting game 2 from Oakland right now with this kind of story.

Jingoist said...

It's confirmed... NLCS rained out tonight.

Anonymous said...

ken, shouldn't you be studying for your geometry test? Asinine thing to say.

Anonymous said...

simulcast: the same reason CFB is being played every saturday night, and the NC is played at night. Viewers. Remember when they played WS games during the day? sigh.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

More like the Oakland E's.

Anonymous said...

Lou Pinella doing color commentary is a trainwreck.

please tell me someone caught the gem between him and Brennenman just now

Tom: Lou, more so than ever it seemed this past season that teams were overshifting their defenses

Lou: A lot of outfields...played...their outfielders over to the other side.


he pauses so many times when speaking it sounds like he is broadcasting from the moon.

I hope to god he's just drunk or had a stroke, because harry caray could say yes to both of those and still do a better job in the booth.

what is this guy like on the bench? he stammers more than porky pig.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Anybody wanna tell me what the fuck Kendall's elbow was doing up in Guillen's eardrum?

Was he trying to flap his arms to run faster?


Mr. Travel Reviewer said...

I'm a firm believer of "In Leyland We Trust". I can understand starting Perez at SS, but batting him 2nd???? Are you nuts?

Sidebar - I can understand the 'ropping-off' of the upper bowl in Oakland for the Regular Season. But for the ALCS?

Kurt said...
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Kurt said...

So Dan, how about your boy Frank Thomas? 0-5 with 3 strikeouts and he ends the game with bases loaded. Still MVP?

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Hey Joe Livonia -

I bet you didn't like Leyland's plan to have Alexis Gomez DH, either. But, as Lou told us... very... slowly - the man looks pretty smart this ungodly* hour of the morning**, doesn't he?

* Only because I work at 5:30 AM ET.
** Only on the important side of the country.