Friday, October 13, 2006

Tigers Win! (Again!!)

Wow: This Tigers win was the best one yet:


It's true: They ARE the reincarnation of last year's White Sox -- pitching wins championships.

This series is over by the time you're back at work on Monday.

Mets-Cards up next...

-- D.S.


Mega said...

Another World Series for the AL Central is inevitable.

Next year's AL Central will be even stronger.

2007 AL Central
Best. Division. Ever?

Christian Thoma said...

Bah. Tigers still have to get past the Mets. There will be so many people on the Tigers bandwagon, they'll crash.

Mets will be 11-0 this postseason.

Also, commence the 'The only baseball team to come back from a 3-0 deficit' talk. Simmons should be happy.

john (east lansing, mi) said...


MP said...

Well, chrth is right to urge caution and say that the Tigs must still: 1) Hold that AL Pennant in their hands, and; 2) Get past the NL Champ, and it won't be easy. I won't speculate on whether or not they'll do it.

However, Oakland is not a bought team like the 2004 Red Sox. This is a group of young guys who don't pitch or field very well. You can excuse me for doubting.

As for the Tigers bandwagon? I hate bandwagoners. If you weren't to a game in 2003, I would appreciate you getting off. I remember sitting through a rain-soaked game at the Copa when Detroit was getting beaten down by the 2003 version of Oakland. Man, there were like 100 of us left in the stadium at the end. Anyone else want to claim being there?

2007 AL Central: Best.Division.Ever? Not with the Royals, no.

Agamemnon said...

Its. Over. Famous. Last. Words.

Anonymous said...

so seriously, can we get off of the Yankees and Joe Torre now? If the A's can't manage 1 win v. Det and they were sitting around waiting for Det to fly out to alameda county stadium...

not to mention the A's had the best record in baseball since July according to Tim Mc.

Mega said...

Good point about the Royals.

And I wasn't ever "on" the Tigers bandwagon. Heck no, I'm a White Sox fan all the way. However, given my choices right now in the playoffs, I have to pull for Detroit.

Paul L Carter said...

As for the Tigers bandwagon? I hate bandwagoners. If you weren't to a game in 2003, I would appreciate you getting off.

Would you rather us hate them instead?

Christian Thoma said...

Dagnabbit, I jinxed the Mets. I *am* an asshole!

I can't wait until we talk about the frostbite injury to the Steelers guard.

Boxcar Fritz said...

cards in six

Christian Thoma said...

This is interesting:

When Kenny Rogers took the mound Friday for the Tigers, it was the eighth time in the 2006 playoffs in which a game was started by a pitcher who was over 40 years old. From 1903 to 2005, only nine postseason games were started by pitchers over 40.

[Elias Sports Bureau]

Now that Game 5 is guaranteed in the Mets/Cards series, Glavine should make 9. Presuming the Tigers don't pull a Yankees, Rogers should pitch in the World Series, making 10. Wow.

MP said...


No, I prefer indifference. There is a middle ground between hate and love.

Save your hate for the Yankees.

Christian Thoma said...

Orange draw first blood! Deacons draw first blood! Where the heck is the CFB post?!?

Mega said...

Tigers are going to the World Series.

Holy Shit.