Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Tigers Win the Pennant!

OK, at this point, how can you NOT be rooting for the Tigers to win the World Series?

It wasn't a walk-off home run. It needs a better name than that.

"Sweep off?"

-- D.S.


Kevin said...

You just knew that game was going to end on a walk-off. The only question was who it was going to be.

Why on earth would Randolph pull Traschel in the second? Now their bullpen will have to throw 7+ innings today, and then 4 each of the next two days (and frankly, that's a best-case scenario). They need Oliver to eat up some serious innings here...

Marcus T said...

It's easy not to root for them. Leyland gets all this credit as an amazing manager.

Yea, so hitting Neifi Perez (career .674 OPS) 2nd the other night was a smart call. Hitting Placido Polanco (.693 OPS this year) in the 3 hole (STUPID!). Yes, Polanco hit .500 in the series, but you can not tell me that wasn't just a bunch of shit luck.

Consistently putting your guys with 25+ homers either on the bench or batting 7-8-9? STUPID.

Some minor dumb moves he made...hitting Granderson in the leadoff spot despite striking out 174 times this year. Having flamethrowing unhittable setup guys and leaving the closing to someone who was very hittable. Jones had only 28 K's in 64 IP this year and opponents batted .276 off him.

After all that ranting, I still have to pull for them. I hate LaRussa (genius my ass) and can never root for a NY team.

MP said...

Okay, I admit. When they signed Magglio, I thought it was a mistake.

Chalk it up to, "I knew this guy would come in handy one of these days..."

But congrats Tigers!

Christian Thoma said...

OK, at this point, how can you NOT be rooting for the Tigers to win the World Series?

Er, maybe because I'm a Mets fan?

However, if the series is Cards-Tigers, I'll definitely root for Detroit.

Brian in Oxford said...

I think Detroit is easy to root for, if only because they're not usually that good!

That was an awesome shot by Ordonez (rememeber when he was supposed to come to Boston as part of Theo's master plan?)

If nothing else, I was glad that the football stations reminded me that there was baseball to watch this afternoon. That backfired on their ratings!

Trayton Otto said...


I'm on the other side of the coin as a Cards fan.

As for Traschel, I wanted to see the Cards get 10 runs off of him before he was pulled. Given the Mets lineup, I wasn't sure how many they could explode for. Thankfully, Suppan kept them befuddled getting a lot of groundouts and soft flys (10 GO, 9 FO).

Anonymous said...

War. Eagle.

Liam said...

Tigers are a team of destiny with the nastiest starting pitching lineup left. They will win the World Series.

The heroin sheik said...

Since detroit is in the WS does that mean we will get to see Tom Selleck all decked out like Magnum PI arriving at the game in that pimp ferrari while sporting that beat up tigers hat? I need to find someone who will let me place a bet on number of times we see tom selleck on tv during the ws. I figure the o/u will be around 5.