Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday A.M. Quickie:
Florida Just Kills Me

A few thoughts this morning. More later today:

(1) The Tigers' turnaround is one of the Top 3 baseball storylines of the decade.

(2) The Mets' pitching issues are catching up with them. All that means is that Zito or Schmidt will be even more overpaid or that the Marlins will bring in a huge haul for Dontrelle Willis.

(3) Florida just killed me last night. More on this later.

(4) USC may be undefeated and they can say "a win is a win" all they want, but there is still no indication that they deserve to be the No. 2 team in the country. (Even though I'm quite sure they will be when the first BCS comes out later today.)

(5) Steve Lyons is a d-bag.

(6) That Miami-FIU brawl was one of the wildest I've ever seen in college football - hell, or any sport. Did you see that guy swing his helmet like a hammer? How about all that kicking? You stay classy, 'Canes.

-- D.S.


marcomarco said...

Off topic, but this was extremely fun to watch:

Manfredo gives Spina 'the beating of his life'

Anonymous said...

I really thought while watching that game (florida v. aub) that the replay booth was going to overturn leak's fumble, to me by the spirit of the rule he fumbled, but by the wording of the rule he didn't.

It's a shame that sort of a call had an impact on the game. There were mistakes on both sides all over the field and I think as fans we were cheated a little bit.

Did anyone else think that John L. was being an ass at the end of the OSU game? You're down 38-0 with 1:30 to go and you are calling timeouts.

Why the double standard is ok is beyond me. If OSU had kept the first team in (risking injury a la AP@OU) to stat pad, the announcers would have been all over Tressel. But Smith is calling TO's in garbage time to get his backup QB reps?

Steve said...

maher, the mute button is the greatest enhancer of football games ever. You should try it sometime, especially if Brent Musberger is involved.

MoL said...

Maher, I think John L was just trying to save his job by saying "see, we didn't get shut-out at home."

jhawkjjm said...

1) That was an awesome ending and now the Tigers have won 7 in a row. I seem to remember when the Sox won 8 in a row that they said that tied a record. (please correct me if I'm wrong) Tigers have a chance to shatter that with a couple of wins.

2) Where's the Mets offense? Cardinals have no pitching either.

3) Fun game to watch even though I was pulling for Florida in hopes they would come out as #1 in the BCS and watch the entire state of Ohio go into conniptions. Blow up the BCS already.

4. USC is weak.

5. I heard the comments, I didn't think anything of it. Still don't. I hate how our soceity is becoming where you can't say anything without someone else taking offense. Very sad.

6. That was just...WOW.

Unknown said...

Lyons insinuated that Piniella stole his wallet because Sweet Lou is a Latino.

Yeah...that's not offensive. Not building up on stereotypes or anything.

Geico is so easy, even a caveman can do it.

Anyways, I thought Leak fumbled.
And John L. was right to use T.O.s His starting QB is not going to hold up the rest of the season, his backup needs reps.

Anonymous said...

no, read what really was said and the context. that is the same sort of joking that would have been ok if Luis Gonzalez would have said it to Lou.

Lyons is a moron and has a track record for saying non-PC things (re: shawn green)

It would be fine if they said something about slow white guys, but not ok to make that joke? whatever. As steve said, there is a mute button and announcers add nothing to baseball games.

Time for the US to take a cue from England. Golf and Soccer on British broadcasts are great, the announcer says less than Kurt Russell did in the movie Soldier.

What I need from announcers is injury reports, that's all. It has always been a problem, but the yellow first down line started the downfall of our society.

Trey (formerly TF) said...


I too am very upset. It was my mother's 50th birthday last night and the one thing she wanted to do was have everyone over to watch the Gators. So my Fiance and I flew from Dayton to Orlando and watched the game with 25 of my family members (all die hard Gators).

It's heart wrenching, but if we were going to lose a game it HAD to be that one. Leak was uncomfortable, the defense couldn't stop the run, and our punter forgot rule number 1..if it's a botched snap...fall on it.

The Gators still played well, no offensive TDs, Harvin is going to be a star and Tebow is still a force. Just wish Leak wouldn't fold mentally when things don't go his way.

Joe (Dayton)

LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

As I woke up this morning I'm still trying to understand why ASU punted the ball with no chance to get it back. Was there a press conference after the game?

Also, I'm not sure why that fumble in the Florida game is being disputed. If you watch the replay he moves his arm forward, but never lets go of the ball...then a defensive player knocks it loose. I'm pretty sure there's no tuck rule in college.

Anonymous said...

there's no tuck rule. It didn't look to me that the auburn player got it, to me it looked like he was trying to stop himself from throwing the ball and it slipped out. then again I only looked at it a couple times during the game.

Anonymous said...

oh, and as for the ASU game, I think the coach was paid off.

they did have 2 TO's, maybe he was hoping for a fumble on the punt return or QB/center x-change?

dunno. does not matter. USC will lose eventually.

ToddTheJackass said...

In College Football, if the arm is coming forward, it's considered an incomplete pass. They explained it really well during the BC/V-Tech game when Glennon did this and they replayed it several times.

Fortunately it didn't cost my BC team!

Trey (formerly TF) said...

I'm pretty sure we'll have a tuck rule next year.

Although I believe it was a bad call, the team had it's chances to come back, and they didn't.

Hopefully we'll get them again in Atlanta.

The heroin sheik said...

Im not sure what the gators record is for inseason rematches. I know we have had two against FSU (the fifth quarter in the french quarter and the championship game.) I hope if we do get a rematch it is more 96 instead of 94. Was it just me or did it seem like all we wanted to do was run the ball.

I can only hope the bucs pull something out their ass to salvage what has been the worst week ever for me.

Anonymous said...

if that is the case, then every QB should pump fake it as they are being sacked, just to make sure they can't fumble the ball.

Christian Thoma said...


The problem with that is if the ball is grabbed *in the air*, it's an INT. You're better off just holding on tight and hitting the turf.

Aitch said...

Albert Leshchinsky, Pinella had said that the A's relying on Nick Swisher to provide all their offense was like finding a wallet on Friday night and expecting it to happen every week. Then he later said that Frank Thomas had been frio (cold) and need to get en fuego (on fire). Lyons responded by saying that Pinella was "habloing espanol" and later said that he no longer wanted to sit near Pinella because "I can't understand him and I still can't find my wallet"

Not the smartest thing in the world, but I thought it was funny at the time. Taken out of context it sounds worse than it really was. I think it was a stupid thing to do, but not worth getting fired over. I think his history just caught up to him on this one.