Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NLCS Game 5 Live-Comment

I just wanted to set up a post for the NLCS Game 5 tonight. And, for the evening, I leave you with these words of foreshadowing from new Cubs manager Lou Piniella from his introduction today:

''Curses. Come on.''

Famous last words.


Mega said...

Does it really matter who wins? The World Series has become the American League versus AAAA!

ToddTheJackass said...

It's amazing that the only commentator I can stand is Luis Gonzalez, who is doing his what, 8th game in the booth?

Not sure what's worse, the Holiday Inn ads with Joe Buck, or Tim McCarver's... well... existence...

-Todd (Boston)

Christian Thoma said...

@kmv9: Yeah, he'd probably say something like that. Ty Cobb, of course, would've called McCarver a "Goddamn fucking moron". It's not about doing dirty work so much as it is about creating scoring opportunities, and you do it anyway you can.

On another note, has anyone explained why Morgan Freeman is in the Mets dugout? "Get busy living, or get busy dying"?

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm sure if Derek Jeter, or as I like to call him "Captain, out of the Playoffs" would bunt, he would say that's why he's earning those millions, because he's a team player.

Nothing will ever beat the "Brandon Arroyo and Pedro Martinez will start game two" comment during the 2004 ALCS.

ToddTheJackass said...

keithsrk, if the Cards lose, you totally pulled a Shanoff Jinx... we'll see if the curse applies to his entire blog now...

Unknown said...

everyone's been saying that the ratings for the playoffs are down and wow

look at this thread! 10 comments? most making fun of announcers (rightfully so)?

how the mighty have fallen

Baseball's Popularity Lies Here
"Does anybody here know how to play this game?"
answer: No, they don't it's quad-A ball or some call it the NL

Brian in Oxford said...

It's a mighty long subway from Detroit to St. Louis....there's a stupid opening Fox could use....some guys from St. Louis digging a tunnel with spoons, explaining it as making sure there's still the subway series everyone wanted.

Although to be honest, I'm not sure the Mets are done.

Gary said...

I love baseball, but I just can't watch the national league (not just because they are bad).

I've never been able to get into the national league, the style of game is such a contrast from the AL, which I am used to watching that it seems like a different sport almost.

I watched most of the ALCS, none of the NLCS.

Do other people feel this way...i.e., if your team is in the AL, the NL seems weird and vice versa? Just curious

Unknown said...

ok answering the answer to my post where it was said that no one posted cause they were watchin the game....

did u see the comments for bears-cardinals?!??!?

people were commenting while watchin that! don't tell me baseball is too fast paced to comment during

and the whole point of the post was that no one was watching (ratings are WAY down) and it's because the NL is now quad-A

Unknown said...

oh and oh yeah i forgot something

just cause la russa pinch hit duncan lefty-lefty doesn't mean he's a genius it means he made a dumb move and it worked out

this is the same man who switched pitchers in the top 8 and didn't take fat ronny belliard out in the double switch with aaron miles but then doing it two outs later when he brought in wainwright

so it had the same affect on the batting order but he had the slow guy in the field for 2 more outs and don't forget Degado got on cause Belliard didn't get him at first causing the situation to bring wainwright in

so basically AL managers do almost nothing after fillin in the line-up card and NL is slightly more complicated cause of that zany double switcharoo thing and he pretty much screwed that up