Thursday, October 19, 2006

NBA Season Preview:
NBA Blog Previews

I'm still figuring out how I want to preview the NBA season (certainly I'll ramp up next week), but in the meantime, I wanted to point to a really cool project being executed nicely right now: NBA Blog Previews.

Basically, it's a consortium of the leading NBA bloggers, coming together to preview the season under an intuitive brand name.

I'll leave it to you to browse through it (it's running all month), and here's the schedule.

Meanwhile, must-read The Basketball Jones is contributing with team-by-team podcasts. Also very cool.

This is the kind of collectively harnessed energy that pushes the sports-blog "industry" forward in a really productive, useful way. (And in a way that mainstream sports media should either co-opt or be at least a little worried about...maybe both.)

(By the way, Free Darko doesn't seem to be participating, but I can never recommend the genius of that blog enough, especially now that we're revving toward the new NBA season.)

-- D.S.


Big D said...

The NBA? Hasn't that thing fizzled out yet?

Thought that whole fad died with the Pet Rock and Duck Hunt on Nintendo...

Brian in Oxford said...

I think it's like hockey where you don't have to be able to skate (or freeze water, even).

Jake C said...

Interesting fact about the NBA season...Kornheiser actually picked the Bulls in the East yesterday...seriously? I mean, seriously?

Dan Shanoff said...

Hey, ease up, Kevin. That's just weak.

Big D said...

'Tzok Dan, I'm a big boy. But thanks for the backup.

Besides, the last thing that bothers me is someone who can't even get an original name trying to lob insults at me over random comments posted to a blog. I mean, could you have chosen a lesser known person's name to steal? Christ, Cott gave up the blogging game months ago.

Tell ya what evilkevincott - you keep doing what you do, which is apparantely trolling the blogs of former writers looking for people to insult, and I'll keep doing what I do - you know, leading a functional life, as a contributing member of society.

This is the last time I'll address you. Have a nice life.

Jen said...

Easy now boys...I thought this blog entry was titled "NBA Season Preview"???

Jen said...

Let's talk CFB then!

Unsilent Majority said...

Funniest NBA Blogger: JE Skeets (TBJ)
Most Cerebral NBA Blogger: Bethlehem Shoals (Free Darko)
Greatest Website of All Time:

Anonymous said...

I think you should list the teams by divisions based on talent, like the Great Gammons did a little while ago for baseball.

Here's a little starter:

Division I: Bulls, Heat, Mavs, Spurs, Suns, Lakers, Cavs, Pistons.

Barring that, rip Simmons off and do movie quotes. I love that. But you're not allowed to pick a real movie, it has to be a chick flick or a cartoon, since you need to be mocking him. Like, do Bambi, in honor of Gilbert Arenas.

Aly said...

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