Friday, October 13, 2006

Week in Review:
Lidle, Torre, Tebow and More

Thanks for another great week, everyone! Don't forget the weekly CFB Tailgate on Saturday and NFL Tailgate on Sunday.

Also, just because they're buried below, don't forget to check out (and have your say about):

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Meanwhile, here's my weekly ranking of my Top 10 favorite newsmakers of the week:

10. Steve Aponavicius: Kicking easy as A-BC!
9. Rajon Rondo: Celtics rookie PG = R.O.Y.?
8. Tom Glavine: The Old Man Rules
7. NBA Griping: New crackdown on whining
6. Tim Tebow: CFB's most intriguing?
5. Stephen Jackson: Odell Thurman of NBA?
4. Snowball: Bring on the Detroit weather
3. Joe Torre: Back for more abuse
2. Alexis Gomez: Jim Leyland = Genius
1. Cory Lidle: Tragedy transcends games

Comments Question: Who is YOUR most intriguing newsmaker of the week in sports?

-- D.S.

Bonus name: Gilbert Arenas, my favorite NBA player (yes, even more than Jordan Farmar). Read this profile, then try to argue that Arenas shouldn't be the most popular player in the NBA. How can you NOT love him?


Brian in Oxford said...

wait....what about Terrell Owens. How could you find 10 more intriguing stories that that? Huh? I mean, really! How? More than T.O.?

(The sarcasm light is always on.)

Unknown said...

My favorite thing about Agent Zero has to be his method of everytime he gets a new cell phone he immediately turns it off - calls himself and leaves himself so many messages that his mailbox is full so that nobody can call him and leave him messages. BRILLIANT!

Christian Thoma said...

I nominate the University of Wisconsin Marching Band for excessive Badger-ing.

This is my favorite quote from the story:
The school said the band's behavior was so notorious that the athletic department sets aside money so that cheerleaders and the dance squad can travel in separate buses to avoid harassment.

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm a homer and a BC alum, Steve Aponavicius is my vote. Obviously not as big as some other stories, but it's the coolest for me since I used to sit in the student section as well.

And he hadn't even played in high school. It was his first kicking job ever. So cool...

-Todd (Boston)

gvoll said...

Most intriguing: The Kandi-man! Yes, he's back, and apparently playing with a passion and fire not seen since he last needed to actually work for a paycheck. Kandi attributes his resurgance to "being healthy." Bulllllllllshhiiiiiittttt.

Unknown said...

I'm with chrth - the Wisconsin band has to be the best story of the week. Seriously if I knew stuff like that was going on in the band I might have been more willing to learn an instrument.