Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Five Most Intriguing NFL Results of the Day (So Far)

1. One win changes everything: The Giants looked like a team whose season had imploded; one win over the Panthers later, they're in control of the NFC Wild Card – and control their own destiny.

2. Oops, Vince Young did it again: Another game, another thrilling win for the Titans rookie. This time, he bolted for a 39-yard game-winning TD run in OT to win his Houston homecoming. Rookie of the Year?

3. Forget what you know, Part 1: Think the Colts are the team to beat in the AFC? Not after they allowed a franchise record 375 rushing yards in a 44-17 loss to the Jags. If Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor can run on them at will, what can LaDainian do in the playoffs?

4. Forget what you know, Part 2: Think the Pats have some magic playoff formula up their sleeve? Not after they were blanked by the Dolphins, in what was arguably the worst offensive performance of the Belichick Era, setting season lows in total yards and first downs. Tom Brady was sacked four times and threw for a whopping 78 yards.

5. Odds and Ends: With it's fourth win in a row, the Bengals look like the AFC Wild Card team to beat... Who had Chris Weinke starting for their fantasy team?... I'll say it again: What does it say about Donovan McNabb's value when Jeff Garcia can lead the Eagles to the playoffs?... I think the Chiefs, losing at home to the Ravens, just lost their last chance at making the playoffs... Just when Jets fans start to look beyond "moral victory," they suffer "crappy defeat"... Let's not confuse one decent game/win by Brett Favre over the 49ers as a "renaissance"... Sure, the Seahawks did quite a bit to lose the game, as much as the Cards did to win it, but for 'Zona, progress is progress... Now, I *know* you didn't start Artose Pinner on your fantasy team.

-- D.S.

Comments Question: Add your own intriguing observations in the Comments section. I'm quite sure they'll be more intriguing than mine, but that's why I think you all rule.


Anonymous said...

When Colts go into San Diego for the AFC Championship game LDT will run for 468 yards and score 8 touchdowns.

Sheldiz said...

go ravens :) that's really all i have to say.... although i would have liked to see the chargers get creamed, since the colts did. but i'll just take the W and be happy.

Kurt said...

"Let's not confuse one decent game/win by Brett Favre over the 49ers as a "renaissance"..." -DS

Favre fans will take that as a compliment because that's as close as you'll come to giving the guy some credit.

Anonymous said...

Giants have to play the Eagles next week. Winner is in the drivers seat.

Don't forget the Falcons are also 7-6 and still play the Eagles.

The Rev said...

I visit this blog once every few weeks because that's about all I can take. I visit once in a while when I am really bored. And today, I visit during a bout of boredom, and I read what might be one of your Stupidest. Comments. Ever.

"What does it say about Donovan McNabb's value when Jeff Garcia can lead the Eagles to the playoffs?..."

Excuse me Dan? Are you out of your friggin mind???

First of all, as a die hard Eagles fan, I'll say that I'm happy with Garcia's play so far. He's been solid.

But that being said... saying he can lead them to the playoffs already? Could you say anything little more stupid?

I'll try not to resort to name calling from here on out. I'll just use the facts instead. I'll make those facts nice and simple for you so your brain can comprehend.

They still have three games left against three teams all in playoff contention, and two of those games are on the road in NY and Dallas. I think saying Garcia can lead them to the playoffs is a little dumb right now considering the schedule is stacked against them. Maybe he can, maybe he can't. It's far from determined.

And you want to down McNabb's value to the team? I'll throw some easy facts out at you...

Jeff Garcia's all time NFL playoff record... 1-2, never got past the second round.

Jeff Garcia's all-time NFL playoff stats... 71 for 117, 757 yards, 4 td's, 5 int's.

Donovan McNabb's all-time playoff record... 7-5, 4 NFC Championship games, one Super Bowl appearance.

McNabb's playoff stats... 249-419, 2630 yds, 18 td's, 12 int's.

Yes, McNabb ralphed in the SB. Yes, he lost a few NFC Championship games. Those facts are not lost on me. Donovan McNabb has yet to be in the same league as Montana and Elway. But he got to a high level more than once in the NFL, which is more than Jeff Garcia can say.

(Don't even bring up the fact that Garcia won anything in Canadian football or I will openly mock anyone who says that.)

And so far, Jeff Garcia's wins, while important and needed, have come against a very suspect Carolina team, and a Washington team that's even more fradulent. I don't think that's enough to get excited over him yet.

So I think we can only safely say three things at this point...

A) Donovan McNabb has proven his value to the Eagles already.

B) Jeff Garcia still has to prove his true value.

C) You're a moron!

OK, I resorted back to name calling. I'm a Philly fan. It's what we do best.

Go ahead lemmings... defend Dan's honor and agree with him blindly. It's what you all do best.

Christian Thoma said...

The Chargers will pay for LDT's 3rd TD. Mark my words. The Football Gods have vengeance in mind. And one suspects the opponent will be the Colts when much vengeance and furious anger is visited upon San Diego.

How classy was the end of the Packers/49ers game? Packers knelt on the ball within the 49ers' 10 even though they couldn't run out the clock. Once 4th down came and went, 49ers knelt to end the game. Surely the Football gods will reward both teams.

nep1293 said...

Anybody feeling that Drew Brees-Philip Rivers story for the Super Bowl??? That will get old in about 14 minutes

Christian Thoma said...

Anybody feeling that Drew Brees-Philip Rivers story for the Super Bowl??? That will get old in about 14 minutes


BTW, Rev. Smoking Steve: Calllllm down. Right now, the Eagles got some Ewing/Bledsoe Theory traction going. Run with it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Saints are good? Who Dat?

Christian Thoma said...


And nice pick thrown by Romo in the end zone.

No one stand between the Cowboys' and Saints' bandwagon, for the love of God PLEASE, for you will surely be trampled to death.

You think Brees watched Rivers today and said "I can top that"?

TJ said...

So who's the MVP: Drew Brees or LDT? Can't we split it up and have AFC and NFC MVPs?

Christian Thoma said...


One of these days, Dan will realize that the Packers actually have 10 other starters on offense as well as a defense and special teams. You would think a grown man who "covers" football would understand that by now.

Christian Thoma said...


@ Al Michaels:

You did NOT need to tell me the Packers passed over Sean Payton in favor of Mike "I Coached the Worst Offense in NFL History" McCarthy.

Give McCarthy some credit, at least on the offensive side of the ball. He's had a good gameplan most weeks recently*. While he's no Mike Holmgren, he seems much better suited to dealing with a flawed team than Mike Sherman did.

Of course, I still think the Pack would've been better off with Jim Bates (sigh), but there's no use crying over that. If McCarthy can take this team to 8-8 (not impossible considering the Bears should be resting for the playoffs in Week 17) I will be very impressed.

*Execution--especially in the Pats and Jets game--has been dooming them more than the plan itself. Oh, and the plan doesn't handle being down by 20 very well...but very few coaches' do.

Christian Thoma said...


You missed an item on the report:
"Longhorns upset No. 9 LSU to avenge Elite Eight loss"

Anonymous said...

Bill Simmons needs to add a...let's call it, Romo Theory to his pantheon of theories. This theory says that half of all new QBs, replacing a struggling, maligned, or injured QB, will look really good for a few games before defenses figure out their tendencies. Jeff Garcia falls into this category, as will countless others, in any given season. As a corollary, sportscasters will proclaim the second coming of Jesus until said QB is figured out.

Jon said...

Yeah, that last LT TD was not needed. 3 touchdown lead with 3 minutes to go just kill the clock. 4 kneel downs would have brought the clock down to about a minute.

You stay classy San Diego.

Anonymous said...

I love, McNabb, loved him at Syracuse, knew he would work out, and was painfully stunned at the Eagle's Super Bowl performance in the second half, even though I'm a Bills fan.

Having said that, just because Garcia looks good doesn't make McNabb bad. He might be a better West Coast QB. Let's see him against real competition.

Christian Thoma said...

Top 5 QBs of the Decade:

1) Brady
2) Manning
3) McNabb
4) Palmer
5) Favre?

Still not 100% sold on Palmer, if he's still performing at the same level this next season I'd include him.
Favre is an interesting case, because it depends on how much emphasis you place on postseason (and if it's a lot, Roethlisberger suddenly enters the top 5 and Manning starts to freefall). Favre has had 4.5 strong regular seasons this decade (everyone forgets his 2004 numbers closely resemble 1997), which is definitely comparable to McNabb, Brady, and Manning.