Monday, December 11, 2006

Weblog Awards: Shut Out!

I could/should pull a Stephen Colbert and feign some outrage that I wasn't nominated for "Best Sports Blog" in the 2006 Weblog Awards. (More accurately, I should kick myself for not surreptitiously nominating myself. Next year... and I'll be sure to get you all to nominate me, too!)

Anyway, I wanted to point you to the link. There are a lot of great blogs that didn't make the list (so I don't feel TOO badly), but there are a couple of terrific ones that did, including Will and Co. at Deadspin, MJD, Jamie Mottram for Mr. Irrelevant, Henry Abbott for TrueHoop, and -- in quite an amazing development -- the hilarious deviants at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Here's the full list.

In the comments, I'd love to hear which sports blogs are your favorites. (Cough! Cough!) You don't have to read them every day (cough! cough!) or have followed them over from a successful mainstream site (cough! cough!). Just ones you think are particularly well done. (I'm only kidding with the coughs, obvs.)

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Dunno Dan. You're kinda slipping with yours. Tsk.

Deadspin is always a good read.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some of the funniest reads that I have ever seen are on the Fire Joe Morgan blog. They do a great job rooting out bad baseball writing, and in a very humorus way.

Josh said...

FreeDarko wuz robbed!

Anonymous said...

Lets try that again.
Fire Joe Morgan

Josh said...

good call Shaun...basically for me it breaks down like this:

football: KSK
baseball: FJM, The Dugout
basketball: FD, True Hoop

Anonymous said...

The Sexy Rexy post a few weeks ago on KSK should win them the award, that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

No, the award for least written blog goes to ... Bill Simmons!

CMFost said...


Anonymous said...

marcomarco said... (but only if you're twisted)

ToddTheJackass said...

Does Buster Olney's writings on count as a blog? They call it a blog on ESPN, but really, is it?

Anyway, that's one I can basically not without.

Dan, yours is good too, but I'd rather see you do more posts, so that the comments can get separated by topic so I'm not arguing about the Red Sox surrounded by some Michigan or Ohio St. fanboys.

-Todd (Boston)

Anonymous said...

Sports Humor:
Deadspin (must refresh every 15 minutes
With Lether- some great stuff!
Kissing Suzy Kolber- good but on a weekly basis more burgers!

James Mirtle
The Checking Line
Offwing Opinion

Kurt said...

Dan don't worry about not being nominated for best sports blog. If there ever was a most biased sports blog, you'd win by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Man, Kurt, you are BITTER.

Unsilent Majority said...

HAHA, Dan's bitter! You'll get there next year with DSteinz, the Wizznutzz, Free Darko, EDSBS, and all the other overlooked greats of the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

I guess the leather ball was involved in gambling so Stern told it to go to the minor leagues for a couple of months and then it could make a glorious return.

Anonymous said..., which was unjustly ignored, is a fantastic community blog. Good conversation, and good international presence so it's not stuck to conversation about the big 4 American sports.

Anonymous said...

I think you could improve this blog in a few ways. They begin with getting off blogspot, which is really lacking in advanced features. If you need to pay some starving college student to manually copy information from here to wordpress, do it.

Next, admit your biases! The people who visit here who get really pissed (immature though they may be) really just miss the point that you are a blogger and not an AP sports reporter, so you are entitled to be a fan. Whenever you say something about your favorite team, don't veil it behind reason, because no true fan can. Just admit your homerism and then rant on. Some people may hate Bill Simmons' views, but none hate him for his views on the Red Sox or the Pats, because he is so candid in his bias.

Last, link to other sports blogs. It sounds like you read them, because sometimes you do link to them. People love having the coolest items for the day served to them on a silver platter, and sites like Deadspin, Fire Joe Morgan, Kissing Suzy Kolber, and many others, have good stuff that would only make you look better by association. If people knew they could come to your blog to get links to the best in sports blogging for the day (sorry, but it's not always gonna be you!), they will come to your blog more often.

Unknown said...

(gratuitous plug alert)

RexyBack said...

I'm bringin' RexyBack!


BobbyStompy said...

"Eric" put it best, Dan.

The whole biases thing has gotten out of control. Being a Florida fan, I figured you would be against Michigan playing in the National Title Game (fair enough), but when the debate was going on, you refused to cover both sides. You provided a plethora of reasons for Florida, but didn't even attempt to take Michigan's case. It was so freaking one-sided. I've disagreed with a few of your opinions in the past, but I was never as frustrated as I was then. On top of that, you had the audacity to say you were sick of people complaining the NEXT DAY.

Mind you, had Florida been snubbed, you would have went to town with reasons why they should have been in the title game. I really refuse to believe otherwise.

That said, I still come here multiple times a day, and this is the only blog (besides Deadspin) that I check regularly. I loved the Quickie. My only suggestion is maybe...more pictures? I don't know. You do fine without them.

But the Florida thing is just out of control right now.

J Fitty said...

Sean said...

Although you are entitled to your bias, I agree completely (with bobbystompy) that it gets very ridiculous at times. I've had a few frustrating days reading because it just gets old after a while. Either go the inbiased route or add a disclaimer to spare me the 20 minute read about something that is fan-talk.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you guys are emotional. As someone completely unattached to college football (I'm a Syracuse fan) let me say he's not that bad. I think he's way more anti-Yankee, or that Bill Simmons is way more pro-Red Sox. Everyone has their bias, it's only on mainstream news sites that they aren't supposed to take sides.

Enjoy arguing against him, that's the point of blog comments, isn't it?

BobbyStompy said...

I don't like arguing against him. I come here to get his take on everything in the sports world. And if his take is that Michigan had 0 reasons to be in title game, then I respectfully disagree.