Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday 12/16 A.M. Quickie: Who Is No Longer Pat Riley's Bitch?

In a classic example of one team being another team's bitch, the Wizards had lost to the Heat 16 straight times – home, away, playoffs, you name it – heading into last night's game. It took the absence of Shaq, Dwyane Wade and Jason Williams, but the Wizards finally did it. (And, as a Wiz fan, I have to say: F'ing finally.) Is Caron Butler the best player who will never be an All-Star? (30 pts, 9 reb, 4 ast, 4 stl in his best game of the year. Trade from Lakers for Kwame? Heist.)

. 53. 'Nuff said.

How did the Suns and Warriors combine for only 206 points? And how much money was lost on folks who bet that "over?"

If money makes the man, Vernon Wells became one of MLB's biggest Men with that 7Y/$126M deal extension.

(Again: Kudos to the Jays for doing what it takes, financially, to stay competitive in the East.)

Jeff Bagwell retires: Hall of Fame lock? Well, does it help that he's the best hitter in Astros history? How about that he was involved in arguably the most lopsided MLB trade of the ESPN Era: Swapped from the Red Sox to the Astros for Larry Andersen in 1990. Yikes.

Disgraced "World's Fastest Man" Justin Gatlin worked out for the Cardinals, his second NFL team he has worked out for. Takers?

Appalachian State wins back-to-back 1-AA football title: I'd be curious how many 1-A teams that Appy State could beat?

Buckeyes stars turning pro early? I know I'm pro-Florida (and, therefore, anti-Ohio St), but where are the Buckeyes' star junior players' heads at if they're more concerned with testing the NFL draft waters than prepping for the BCS title game? (Ginn, Gonzalez, Pittman and Barton all filed the pre-draft paperwork to see where they stand. I'll tell you where they stand: Freaking first day. Think they won't want to showcase their NFL talents in college football's biggest game? Speaking of Ginn, think NFL scouts aren't watching Devin Hester and salivating: "Uh, Ginn is a BETTER version of Hester."

Is Baby Daddy a Dukie? Everyone agrees that the Duke accusers's baby's daddy ain't a Dukie, but wouldn't it be a Hollywood twist if one was?

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

Im beggining to wonder if Dan ever reads the comments and if he does how often.

I have mentioned several times that it is I-AA not 1-AA if people can manager to say Super Bowl XLI instead of 41 why cant they do the same for I-AA.

However that point isnt important anymore because I-AA no longer exists, its now Football Championship Subdivision and I-A is Football Bowl Subdivision.

Now Danny Boy, lets try getting this right before we have to punish you by making you watch 24 hours worth of Knicks highlights. :)

Anonymous said...

Ginn is FASTER but the next time Ginn breaks a tackle, it will be the first time.

Anonymous said...

Fans of I-AA/Football Championship Subdivision or if you prefer less of a mouthfull FCS care.

Its one thing if people still call it I-AA if they actually call it that. It isnt and never has been 1-AA.

Anonymous said...

Dan - the reason the Ohio State juniors can worry about their pre-draft paperwork is because the BCS Championship game that they are playing in is still like four weeks away.

Considering the last time Ohio State played a game it was November 18th and they wont play against until Jan. 8th it seems like they've got plenty of time on their hands to do things other than worry about Florida.

Imagine not playing a competitive football game for 2 whole months and then coming back to play the championship - if they did this in the NFL the Super Bowl would be played in April. What a joke.

Jon said...

1AA, IAA...does it really matter? That's definitely not worthy of receiving a punishment of having to watch the Knicks.

Mega said...

Jeff Bagwell is like Frank Thomas. They put up sick numbers in the steroid era. Their numbers aren't tainted- they DESERVE the hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the huge college basketball game of Pitt vs Wisconsin. It's amazing how both these teams can have such success and not get the national coverage they deserve because they play "boring basketball" if you watched that game today you saw that these badgers aren't the same Dick Bennett group that grinded out the game and like to keep the score in the 50s. There is great basketball being played outside of the state of North Carolina and Florida.

Anonymous said...

Of all positions in football, returners have to be the most impossible to judge. Therefore, there's no way to say that Ginn is better than Hester. In what foreseeable way? Will he return seven touchdowns after 13 games next year? You can probably cast the same doubts on Hester next year, but he's done it once at least.

Anonymous said...

I just recently saw that Coach Bob Huggins has recruited the number 1 class in College Basketball for 2007. I have a question for you all, how can coaches in college basketball have such a profound impact on recruiting? I mean I can understand Duke or UNC because of their academics and tradition but what about Kansas State? I don't get it.

Jon said...

Yeah, the brawl was interesting. Not at the Artest level though. Nate Robinson should get a big suspension (of course Melo will get a long one) for being the cause of all the chaos. Things probably would have settled if he would have shut up and not gone after Smith.....then again Isiah was right about saying Denver's starters shouldn't have been in the game at that point.