Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday 12/15 A.M. Quickie:
Brady, Niners, "Monster," AI, Mantle, More

Wait: Did I really start this post without talking about Tom Brady and Bridget Moynihan breaking up?

Everyone keeps talking about how Brady will be such a player, but how about Moynihan being single? Over/under on the date of the first rumor of a relationship with Derek Jeter: April 1, 2007.

Meanwhile, is Brady the new Jeter? Here's one of my boldest predictions for 2007: I'm calling Brady-n-Britney by the week of Super Bowl XLI. (The real question is: Who DOESN'T see this coming? If I was a savvier blog-marketer, I'd insert an eye-candy pic of Brit here.)

49ers beat Seahawks in Seattle
: OK, back in August, who had the Niners sweeping this season series with the defending NFC champs? As I said yesterday, if I had to put my five-year bet on either team, I'd take SF over Seattle. Is it heresy to say, if I was starting a franchise today, I'd rather have Alex Smith, Frank Gore and Vernon Davis over Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander and ANY of the Seahawks' WRs or TEs?

Matsuzaka Watch: I love that he's wearing Johnny Damon's old No. 18 jersey number. I hate this media-adopted nickname "Dice-K." It's awful. (He said his nickname in Japan is "Monster." Why not use that?)

Speaking of big-time pitchers in the spotlight, are the Mets ready to make a serious play for Barry Zito today?

AI Trade Watch: The more I read, the more I think the only team that can/will seriously consider trading for AI is the Heat. Which would be amazing. (The T'wolves? While it would be fun to see KG and AI together, I doubt the Sixers really want what Minny is selling, beyond rookie Randy Foye.)

I still hear those Clippers rumors swirling, but I'm not quite sure why the Sixers are demanding Shaun Livingston, who the Clips simply won't give up; I can't be the only one who thinks that Corey Maggette is one of the most underrated players (certainly most underrated AVAILABLE players) in the league? Is AI-for-Maggette (plus whatever it takes to make the numbers work) that crazy?

NBA All-Star Voting: AI leads all East guards in fan voting, which is just about the most fascinating development that has come out of this past week of AI Trade Frenzy. In all of the considerations of "value," why don't any teams put a value on the fact that AI is insanely popular and puts fans in the seats like few other players in the NBA?

(More voting: How cool is it that Toronto's Chris Bosh is currently in the starting lineup? What a statement about why fan voting rules.)

Maybe the Warriors shouldn't be so quick to think about dumping Baron Davis for AI...

Don't read too much into the Bobcats' win over the Magic. (Meanwhile, it's nice that May and Morrison combined for 54, but do two Top 10 picks really offer appropriate draft value coming off the bench? Maybe drafting a "starter" isn't as important anymore as drafting a closer.)

I love the D-Rays' idea to play a 3-game regular-season series at the Disney complex, nearly 90 miles from their usual home in St. Petersburg. Who cares that the Disney stadium only holds between 9,000-13,000? That's as many (or more) than the D-Rays were drawing at the Trop. Hell, why not play "home" series all over the state? Convert themselves into a barnstorming team that becomes a novelty when they play in, say, Tallahassee or Jacksonville or Orlando. If the Tampa fans won't show, maybe others will.

So I've been reading that there's all sorts of brouhaha about this Mickey Mantle memoir due out next spring. Author Peter Golenbock has found a way around James Frey-style problems of accuracy in memoir: "Inventive memoir," which is a wonderfully catchy euphemism for "fiction."

Specifically in this case, the fictional license to write an "autobiography" of Mickey Mantle from Mantle's voice, allowing for some true stories, some exaggerated stories and some stories that readers will never know if they are true or simply entertaining. I wonder if people will buy/read it -- hell, maybe it's time for me to pitch that "autobiography," since I can now apparently "reveal" my tryst with Ashley Judd and my career as a high-powered NBA executive.

(Given the 2006 scrutiny of "truthiness" in so-called non-fiction memoirs, I fully expect "inventive memoir" to become the new standard: "What I write in this memoir is sort of true, but don't hold me to it if it's not." The genius is in admitting it up front.)

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

As has been mentioned in previous comments, Dice-K is actually a close approximation of how to say his first name. So it's not really a nickname, despite having the ubiquitous "K" for a pitcher. I'd much rather have that than D-Mat.

Anyone know how to pronounce "Monster" in Japanese?

Big D said...

C'mon... the media has to stick with the "Dice-K" moniker.

Especially with the unbelieveably annoying "K" cards that WEEI gives out at Red Sox games... I mean, the marketing writes itself.

A pair of Dice above a huge "K" on a handhald sign for the first 15,000 fans through the gates at Fenway. Who else thinks this is a foregone conclusion?

Trey (formerly TF) said...

Few things:

Now everyone is writing off the Magic, ya we've been in a slide. However, I'd like to see the Spurs without Manu, Tony Parker, and Bruce Bowen. Magic are without scoring threat 2,3, and 5 right now. Not mention team leader Grant Hill, who should be back for the next game.

The D-Rays in Orlando. I love it too Dan. I should be back in Orlando by then and look foward to attending at least one or two of the games. The city will sellout all three games and the Rangers and Devil Rays games in St. Pete only averaged a lil more than 8,000 ANNOUNCED attendance last year, so the number of people there was probably near 5-6,000.

Finally, any of my fellow Gators on here heading to Glendale?

Joe (Dayton)

Anonymous said...

Why Joe? Save your on tv...then spend lots at the bar to drown away your pain.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Sad news out of Cincy...David Pollack has to have surgery on his neck and his NFL career is officially over.

CMFost said...

Dan the answer to your question: (He said his nickname in Japan is "Monster." Why not use that?)

Simple Answer: The Late Dick Radatz - there can only be Monster in Boston.

RevScottDeMangeMD said... voting sucks.

Remember when Grant Hill was the #1 vote getter those 3 years that he was injured all year? Same with Vince Carter. It's a popularity contest.

Brian in Oxford said...

How about Miami for the D-Rays barnstorming tour? Oh wait, they sorta have a big league team already, huh....still, 9000 a night THERE is good, too.

I've not seen enough "Diceman cometh..." slogans around. Why not?

I wonder if Boras will be extra-pricky while negotiating for Zito, after having to go through the Matsuzaka talks with no leverage.

Jon said...

How big is Matt Hasselbeck's head? I saw the clip this morning of him talking to reporters after the game and that thing is just ENORMOUS. Looks like Egghead from Batman. Does he need a special helmet?

Frank Gore is a monster. Almost 100 yards in the 4th quarter. Now that is a clock killer. If he stays healthy and the 9ers can get a #1 type receiver they'll definitely be a serious threat.

So what happens if AI gets voted in to start for the East, but is traded to a team in the West like the Nuggets? Does he get demoted to the West's bench or does someone else get bumped?

DRays in Disney. Another overpriced, boring attraction. Their new owner is trying though, so he deserves a lot of credit. Now he just needs to find some starting pitching.

In your autobiography are you going to make yourself a Gator alumnus, so you don't have to adopt your wife's team?

Big D said...

@ brian:

"Diceman cometh"

Nicely played. I'm stealing that for my sign at his first Fenway start...

And by "my sign", I of course mean the paper I'll be holding up in my living room while watching the game on TV, since good tickets to Fenway cost more than my monthly car payments (and no, I'm sadly not joking about that)

Travis said...

kaibutsu is the japanese word for monster.

While Dice K is the pronounciation of his name, I have read things by Japanese writers that fans shouldnt use that term. They didnt specify why, but perhaps its disrespectful in Japanese culture to use novelty spellings to say someones name.

I like Monster myself.


New Hampshire's Ricky Santos won the 2006 Walter Payton Award last night in the Football Championship Subdivision (I-AA), thats the equivilent of the Heisman Trophy in the Football Bowl Subdivision (I-A). Santos lost the award last year by just 5 points and will be back next year for his Senior season will he will be the favorite to once again win.

Mikepcfl said...

I like Dan's idea of the D-rays moving around. But I think it might wear down the players too much if they did it all season. I used to be stationed in the Florida Panhandle and I know even the Rays would attract a large military crowd, while also drawing from MS and AL as well.

And Boras may be an ass, but he is a good agent. He gets his clients the best possible deal under whatever circumstances. And as far as I can remember, his clients honor the contracts once they are signed (unlike Rosenhaus and TO).

Anonymous said...

Frank Gore might be the obvious 4th pick in next years fantasy football draft as Sports Guy pointed out. (Behind LDT, LJ, Alexander, now that Tiki will be retired)

Daisuke Matsuzaka has a couple nicknames that could work. His Japanese nickname, "the monster", is kaibutsu in japanese. I think he could go by Diceman, Gyroman, or D-Mat (eventhough D-Mat sounds like a nerdy kid trying out for his varsity basketball team). His nickname of the monster would have worked had he played for anyone except the Red Sox. The issue was discussed that in Boston when one says "monster" it means that big thing out in left field, not a guy on the mound. Confusion would ensue if there was a line like "And here's the pitch... A-Rod hit's it right off the monster!" So was that a double or is Matsuzaka hurt?

As far as Iverson goes... two things.
1. The most likely trade at this time is now valid. Starting today Nene's no trade clause because of the signing of his extension during the offseason is now over.
The trade is...
Philly sends Iverson to Denver and gets Joe Smith from Denver (read: expiring contract) and Jamal Magliore (read: expiring contract) and a 1st round pick from Portland. Denver sends Joe Smith to Philly and Nene to Portland and gets Iverson from Philly. Portland sends Jamal Magliore and a 1st round pick to Philly and gets Nene from Denver.

2. The Iverson question about all-star voting that jon mentioned, I asked in a post at the very end of yesterday. Here it is again.
They released the current all-star voting numbers in the NBA. It should be noted that Allen Iverson leads all EASTERN CONFERENCE guards in votes, but would be third in the WESTERN CONFERENCE behind Kobe and T-MAC. Esspecially with T-MAC's back spasms, the question should arrise....

Does AI keep his votes from the east voting if he's traded to the west?

Right now, due to T-Mac's injury, Iverson would start for the West due to his number. But would they say that it doesn't count because those votes were accumulated against a different set of guys?

The ESPN article points out...
"Since the NBA-ABA merger in 1976, only one player -- Carter, in 2005 -- was traded before the All-Star Game and still was voted as a starter. "That trade was from Toronto to New Jersey though. He didn't switch conferences.

At this point my guess is David Stern will make some ruling on it.

Jon said...

Big D that is sad. I wouldn't go around admitting that you make signs for baseball games and then hold them so the tv can see. Maybe if you were the age of little Gabe...

Greg said...

as in an english major i have to say: didn't gertrude stein come up with the "inventive memoir" like 60 years ago?

Jon said...

I think I'd be tempted to take Stephen Jackson over Frank Gore at the 4 spot next year. Less worrying about injuries and fumbles.

Anonymous said...

Just needed to give props to cmfrost because I was about to come on here and bash Shanoff for that mistake about the nickname thing.

Nothing would be more disrespectful than to give away the Monster nickname to another Red Sox player - there is and only can be one Monster in Red Sox lore and that's Dick Radatz.

Also how can you not love Dice-K, it fits in with how his name is actually pronounced and it's catchy with all sorts of different ways it can be used.

Sure it's not the ingenious nickname like A-Rod, or Nomah, but I think Dice-K is a damn fine nickname and much more appropriate than Monster.

Jon said...

Didn't someone else draft Ronnie Brown with their 4th pick?

Jon said...

If you can have another LT, you can have another Monster....

Big D said...

@ guyinthecorner:

Guy... go read the 10-Spot on You'll be particularily interested in #5...

enjoyncwine said...

Golenbock is the one that could single-handedly be blamed for the demise of Jim Valvano at NC State with his book “Personal Fouls”. I will never understand how he continues to live knowing that his mostly fictional book caused an immense amount of pain and years of problems for many people involved with NC State. Here's to you Golenbock for writing books for the most important of reasons: selling more copies despite the consequences.

Big D said...

@ jon:

"I wouldn't go around admitting that you make signs for baseball games and then hold them so the tv can see."

Clearly, jon does not have a clear understanding of sarcasm... :)

Big D said...

In a current phone interview on WEEI, Peter King just spoke for nearly 90 seconds without pausing to take a breath.

Shockingly, the converstion was not about Brett Favre.

The man puts me to sleep when he talks. I can *occasionally* tolerate his writing, but not speaking.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rosee-

I could make a clever comment like "I touch-type and therefore I don't need to see and as my hands are free I am capable of typing." However that wouldn't make much sense as I am answering a comment that, if your insult is correct, I cannot see. I could counter with something about having x-ray vision and therefore being able to see, or if I had a computer like the one's blind people have that speak to them, but I won't. Instead I will act like I don't understand you, the following is my official response.
What are you talking about? I reside in the Washington D.C. suburbs whereas Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons resides in the greater Los Angelas area. However if you are aware of a visit he is making, please aprise me of the situation.

Gotta love him. My boy. WEE! WILLIE! KEEEEEEEELER!

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of an AI-Magliore-JOE SMITH-NENE trade.

The inclusion of draft picks and smaller players are conditional, put those would be the 4 major guys involved.

Anonymous said...

lets try that again

EPorvaznik said...

>>I fully expect "inventive memoir" to become the new standard: "What I write in this memoir is sort of true, but don't hold me to it if it's not." The genius is in admitting it up front.>>

Also far more honest than some reporters on the NY Times staff.

Travis said...

Dan, im sure you can find someone to give u free blogging lessons to teach you how to insert pictures. Heck I iserted 2 pictures on my morning post on my blog, (both Matsuzaka)

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Can't believe no one has mentioned this...if I missed it...I apologize for the repeat. But I ask you all...

Jeff Bagwell...HOF? Number say maybe, I say yes. But not first ballot material. Everyone?

CMFost said...

I would be looking at the top 5 for next years fantasy draft this way:

1. LdT
2. LJ
3. Gore
4. Jackson
5. Alexander - Age and injuries and no hutchinson are catching up to him.

Jon said...

Just read that Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller were trying to work their ways into 24. Thankfully the 24 people have declined....though it would have been nice to see Jack Bauer would have done to them.

Bagwell will probably get in, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't. Never can tell with those voters when it comes to the borderline guys.

Christian Thoma said...

Maybe drafting a "starter" isn't as important anymore as drafting a closer

Which is truth. If you had watched the Bobcats the last two years (and God knows Dan doesn't even watch them this year), a lot of their close losses they were up by 5-6 points at the start of the 4th quarter and ended up losing by 2 or 3. I remember at least 10 games each season like that. The reason they drafted Morrison was so that they would have a consistent scorer (hopefully) off the bench in the 4th quarter.

The lineup the Bobcats had last night (Felton-Knight-Brezec-Okafor-Wallace, May-Morrison off the bench) was their plan from the get-go and last night was the first time they were able to go with it. And yeah, they're not winning the conference, but they're 4 games out of the 8th spot. If they stay healthy, I think they can compete for the final spot.

Besides, to paraphrase Simmons, there are probably 15 teams in the league right now who would KILL to have the Bobcats roster/salary cap situation. Life is looking good in Charlotte.

chipp said...

(from a 49er fan that attended last night's SF @ SEA game)

The NFL is out of control! Apparently they feel that they can do whatever they want and the masses will line-up for their tripe. Thursday night, 5 PM (PST) games have to be the stupidest football "innovation" ever. Seattle has fairly bad traffic anyway, but it was ludicrous last night (the weather didn't help). Also, the official attendance was listed as 65K (in a 72K stadium), but there were a lot more empty seats than that. In an urban area, why have a game start a 5 PM on a weekday? Fortunately for the rest of the country, this was the only West Coast Thursday game this year. These games don't really hit the schedule until after CFB is done, so why not just move the games to Saturday or even Friday? What makes Thursday so special?

SEA, SF, OAK, and SD should never host Thursday night games.

Christian Thoma said...

I apologize for not remembering the source, but the original plan (from either Ueberroth or Giamatti--I want to say Giamatti) was to put 1 baseball team in Florida, in Orlando. It made perfect sense then, and it makes perfect sense now. Put the Devil Rays in Orlando and the Marlins in Charlotte or Norfolk.

Trey (formerly TF) said...


I wanted to hear what you had to say about this. The announced crowd at the Hornets game in New Orleans last night was 15,000; one reporter says it was well short of that.

This is their 2nd of 6 games in NO this year. With the team selling so well every night in OKC how are the NBA and George Shinn going to take the team out of OKC when it is clearly the better market?

I know Katrina was a terrible event and in most circumstances I would see this as terrible if they did take the team away. However, limited support in NO is going to kill that franchise.

Christian Thoma said...

how are the NBA and George Shinn going to take the team out of OKC when it is clearly the better market?

Aren't the Sonics destined to move to OKC?

chipp said...

I see the Seahawks running problems as a combination of:

1. Losing Hutch
2. Injuries to OL
3. Injuries to TEs
4. Injury to Alexander
5. Too many WRs

OL issues are obvious. Losing Stevens (even though he's a knob) hurt them early, but they are also without Itula Mila, so they are limited in their 2 TE sets; that coupled with their high profile WR acquisitions leads them toward too many 3- and 4-WR sets. Alexander scored a lot of TDs last year without being touched: that's not happening anymore. They used a lot of 2 TE/1 WR/2 RB sets last year and out muscled most everyone. Alexander (especially recovering from injury) has never been a bruising back and passing to set up the run just isn't working for them.

Was anyone able to watch the game? I don't think SEA ran a deep route that wasn't double covered all night. Bad schemes.

Even with a less-than-sellout crowd, Qwest was pretty loud; however still nowhere close to the Kingdome days. Anyone that gets impressed by Seattle's 12th man now obviously never experienced the feeling of the Kingdome actually shaking to the point you worried about the structural integrity.

chipp said...

@ chrth

Yes, it is destined. Although the Muckleshoots (local tribe) are looking into moving the team to Auburn (suburb) and building a new arena.

Christian Thoma said...

Speaking of Inventive Memoir,

Wasn't Dutch (a Reagan bio) done that way? So people jumping on the bandwagon now are about 7 years too late.

Christian Thoma said...

And finally, I think his nickname should be Die-Kast.

CMFost said...

I watched some of the game last night and I came away with the same impression I have had for every NFL Network telecast. Bryant Gumble SUCKS as a play by play man. Someone please tell me he will be gone next year.

MoonHopper said...

Dice-K? Oh I can see the "e" being dropped in a hurry.

As for Zito, beware. Billy Beane may not always find the best pitching talent on the market, but he sure has a knack for getting rid of an arm before its "a year too late".

Mikepcfl said...

A ray of hope for Orioles' fans? Angelos is denying it, but Cal as owner might save the team! They should ask fans to chip in to help raise the money.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Britney is just nasty. I'm sure Brady can find a starlet in much better shape (or at least with decent grooming techniques..have you her p---- shots?! Ugh)

Noone outside Boston knows who Dave Radatz Daisuke can be Monster here.

Btw, I know many keep assuming Oden is 1 and done at Ohio State...but he's actually said repeatedly that he'd want to enjoy the college life for 2-3 years. But we'll sweep that under the rug.

Sheldiz said...

mikepcfl -- let's have a telethon!!! i'd totally donate to that cause.

CMFost said...

rafeal - not to be picky but I am going to be but it is Dick Radatz not Dave. And I lot of people who are baseball fans know who he is.

Brian in Oxford said...

and D-mat sounds like "doormat", as though he played for, oh....the Devil Rays?

(oops, pardon the nasty streak there)

I'll settle for 10 pm here, west coast games, if they don't complain about 7 pm (eastern) games here while they're still at work. Aren't the Mariners playing in the Patriots Day game at Fenway next year? 11 am eastern....imagine being a Dice fan in Japan watching at 2 in the morning.

Jon said...

Come on Dan. Brady will probably be going after Jeter's leftovers. Moynihan is a little too aged for Jeter anyway. He likes the girls in their 20's, not those approaching 40.....Brady and Britney? Uggh.

Sheldiz said...

Bring on the NFL picks, i'm borrrrred!

Anonymous said...

What we should read into it is the Magic being in a slump related in no small part to-you guessed it, injuries. The sad thing is, these first twenty games have shown that they aren't lacking awesome seasons of late; they're lacking average seasons.

Just throwing out that it would be awesome if the number one vote getter didn't have a team by the All-Star break, for the sake of oddity.

Brady will begin dating himself. No one can match him on the genetic scale--just ask Peter King, Bill Simmons, et al.

Is it ok if I call him Dice Clay? Or, the Red Sox already have the Green Monster, how about the Yellow Monster? Nah, not PC enough.

TJ said...

I fully expect "inventive memoir" to become the new standard

Ever read "Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers?

The heroin sheik said...

I think it is great that the Rays are playing in orlando. It sure is easier than dealing with the traffic on I-4 to go watch them get shelled at the trop. IT is great that they put a team in st pete but I think they would have been better served putting the team in tampa because there are many more people on that side of the bay. I just wish the media would get it right. The only tampa bay is the bit of water between pinellas and hillsborough county. The bucs, lightning, and storm play in tampa and the rays play in st pete. I get so pissed off when I hear an announcer say, "we are here in sunny tampa bay."

Joe(dayton) I wish I was able to go with my dad to glendale. He bought four tickets that set him back roughly 7K. I can't go but at least I saw them beat FSU ten yrs ago.