Friday, December 15, 2006

NFL Week 15 Picks/Preview

My NFL Week 15 picks coming tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, but I'd love to get your take on the games: What are the biggest storylines? What are the most intriguing matchups? And how do you pick 'em? Use the Comment area to weigh in. Hell, I'm quite sure that my picks tomorrow morning will be a hell of a lot more educated after reading your comments. -- D.S.


Brian in Oxford said...

There's an idea....use the comments to make better picks. Kurt won't drop the hammer as much on you then, at least.

Sheldiz said...

Barring some sort of natural disaster, the Ravens will clinch a playoff berth on sunday. fantastic. and i'll be at the game. even better.

Unknown said...

The Steelers can still make it...


On an unrelated note, Page 2's new writer, Jemele Hill, is good. I hope the page doesn't ruin her writing like it has to others. She even responds to emails within a couple of days!

Sheldiz said...

i so hope you're right, generik.

BLUE said...

Well i've read this jemele hill, and i've read this scoop jackson, and i'm pretty sure that they are the same people. I always thought Page 2 was supposed to be about entertainment not politics and how to be a groupie.

As far as NFL picks go, my "upset" special would be Tennessee, Vince Young mania is in full force. And i'll admit that I was entirely wrong about him. The guy wins football games, and W-L is how you should be judged in the league.

Christian Thoma said...

PLEASE make a snide comment about Favre and the Packers. Every time you pick them they lose.

Yeah yeah, it's Detroit ... but Detroit is due for a major road upset, right? Right?

BLUE said...

You should do your picks like Sam Malone did his sportscast on Cheers. With a rap song. Or like AC Slater on saved by the bell....Denver 17, Arizona 14 and no commentary.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, we need a sarcasm detector on this thread.

nyc-are you saying that Easterbrook is a good writer, or are you being facetious?

I'm confused, because I've never heard someone even joke that he is a good writer.

chipp said...

ATL over DAL: Cowboy D exposed last week.
NYJ over MIN: Chad is a smart QB having a down year coming back from injury - bounces back against a so-so team.
PHI over NYG: Too much talk from the receiving corps will pull NYG away from the run. Garcia gets starter offers in the off-season.
NO over WAS: 2 Live Drew (I don't even know what that means).
NE over HOU: HUGE bounce back game.
CAR over PIT: Panthers at home if for no other reason.
CHI over TB: Too many OL injuries in TB.
BAL over CLE: Ravens not quite to 2000's late run, but could get there.
MIA over BUF: Tight game, but Joey (am I really counting on him?!?!) will hold it together.
DET over GB: I think chrth is right. Go Kitna, from the great Central Washington U, where it smells of cow.
TEN over JAX: Jaguars on the road scare me, especially with FT & MJD missing practices.
SD over KC: Can we go Cher on LaDainian and just call him LD? Lawrence's career still overshadows LD's: give him a few more years.
DEN over ARI: Here comes the talk of DEN's D being back on track: OF COURSE THEY PLAYED WELL, IT'S THE CARDINALS!!
STL over OAK: Ram D vs Raider O may be the worst matchup all year: who can play worse?
CIN over IND: I don't like the Bengals since losing their C, but IND has too many D injuries.

SF said...

Hey people,

Just wanted to say hi and tell you all that I saw ARod at a deli in Miami today, and went up to his table. He was talking about the Red Sox and how they are spending a lot of money this off-season, and he said, "It's a good thing they are spending a lot of cash, because they finished in third place last year." He then signed my dad's business card (I only asked for the signature to see if he would do it, i hate ARod), and I proceeded to innocently remark, "Thanks man, yea watch out for those Red Sox!"

ARod then turned to me, a 22 year old law student, in the middle of a deli, and in front of his wife and friends, and says, "Oh, you're a Red Sox fan. FUCK YOU!"

I swear that he said this. What a class-less piece of shit. I am so happy this happened because it officially confirmed that he is a huge prick. Not wonder everyone boos the hell outta him. And i am not even a Red Sox fan. I am a die-hard Dodgers fan. I was even wearing my Dodgers hat.

He is the scum of the universe. Oh yea...he refuses to look the waiter in the eye too, and he makes his wife order for him.



Jared said...

Hill is terrible... what's worse than a writer who can play the race and gender cards?

And I would have to agree with A-Rod's stance on Red Sox Nation.

I still think Vince Young is on the Michael Vick career path.

Unknown said...

Giants - Philly game is huge. Two teams, both vying for a WC in the same division with the same records. Most likely (but not definite of course) the winner is in and the loser is out. Sure there will be two games left but the loser will be watching the scoreboard. The winner will control their own destiny.

As a Jet fan, I hope they beat Minnesota but who knows what team will show up. I knew they would have trouble with the Bills - they always seem to. If they lose to Minn, they won't make it.

starkweather said...

Just because at least one game every week has to go horribly awry: Redskins over Saints. Or Brees throws for 1700yds and 38tds. One or the other. Also, Philly over Giants. I hate that one of 'em has to win, though, so I'm hoping for a tie.
Upset of the week: Merril Hoge realizes the frothing idiot he is and admits Vince Young is better than Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf.

Anonymous said...

Steelers win and become the best 7-7 team in the history of the NFL.

And I'm sticking up for A-Rod. If someone came up talking to me when I was trying to have a decent meal, and then I find out they're a Red Sox fan, I say the exact same thing. They claim that the Yankees are the evil empire and everything like that, but Red Sox are just as bad at wasting money. Fucking hypocrites.

Unknown said...

Ouch lol

Jemele Hill Haters. ah well

Steelers will win out.
Colts will beat the Bengals too.

The heroin sheik said...

Jemele HIll sucks ass. She was by far the worst writer for the orlando sentinel which might be the worst written paper in florida which means it really sucks. She has always brought up the race card. I can understand why black writers bring it up form time to time because sometimes it is relevant but she tried to make everything a matter of race. By now we all know that black athletes are viewed differently than white athletes and we know that black coaches are not going to get a fair shake. Great get over it and quit harping on it. Life isn't fair but I don;t want to hear you whine about it every time you write some drivel for page 2.