Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday 07/20 Quickie: Tom Watson,
Vick, Favre, Halladay, Jamario, More

How could I NOT lead today's SN column with Tom Watson? Let's discuss:

*When was the last time a championship RUNNER-UP eclipsed the champ?

*This was the greatest moment of Tom Watson's ridiculously awesome career. It's incredible: He rewrote the basic story of his career, 10-20 years after it really peaked.

*What was more improbable: Watson or that a Tiger-less golf tournament would have huge buzz?

*Tiger topping Nicklaus's major title total is easy; let's see Woods finish as the runner-up at a major at age 59.

(At a minimum, I think that if Tiger had any ideas about not playing into his late-50s, they are gone now -- I'll bet he is already feeling competitive about topping Watson in 25 years.)

Truly, this was a transcendent moment in sports -- certainly this year, probably this decade, arguably among golf's all-time great moments.

How many golf results -- how many sports results -- do you truly remember vividly? I think that "Remember Watson in '09?" will stand as one of those.

More you'll find in today's column:
*Is today the day that teams start working the media to soften their fans for a Vick signing?

*If Roy Halladay was going to peak his trade value, shutting down the Red Sox would do it.

*Jamario Moon would be the Cavs' "stretch-four" (ie, Rashard Lewis) stopper. I know he's a little undersized, but he is as high-energy as anyone in the league.

*I'm not dissing Stewart Cink -- at the very least, the guy is tied to one of the most memorable golf results ever. And he is the best golfer about Twitter, so I always was a fan. (566,000 followers!)

Complete SN column here. More later, and more posts all day (and from the weekend) across Varsity Dad and TimTeblog.

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Want definitive proof of your losing is the new winning theory? I give you Tom Watson, 2009 British Open runner-up.

Binny said...

*When was the last time a championship RUNNER-UP eclipsed the champ?

It happens a lot, actually. Remember the 18-1 Pats? Even in golf, I don't even remember who won the US Open when Mickelson choked at Winged Foot.

Oh, and everyone remembers Jean Van de Velde but who remembers Paul Lawrie?

Matthew said...

Also you have Greg Norman at the Masters.