Monday, November 30, 2009

UFaiL: UFL Loses $30 Million

So the UFL apparently lost $30 million in its first season, which to me is appalling -- particularly for a league no one watched or cared about.

I think about what I could have done with $30 million (here's a start). They approached this all wrong.

Instead of being a true development league for the NFL -- by recruiting the high-end college players the NFL won't allow in -- they were a severely watered-down version of the NFL.

The playbook is so simple: If their vision is to be the pipeline to the NFL, the UFL should go all in and open their league to any player, regardless of years of college experience.

I would have taken that $30 million lost, split it into two teams, each with $15 million player payrolls, then recruited the best college sophs and juniors and had them play each other in venues across the country, while focusing exclusively on getting them ready for the NFL.

What a wasted opportunity. Do you pronounce it "U-F-L" or "U-Fail?"

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

Despite reading about the league occasionally on your blog, I was completely unaware they even started play.

Brian said...

why are you trying to kill college football with all these stupid things about development leagues for the nfl for players to go to instead of college