Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome, Sunday New York Times Readers

A very special welcome to New York Times readers who saw the essay I wrote in today's sports section about taking my older son to his first basketball game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the blog or my obsessions, every day you can come back here for something related to:

*The intersection of sports fandom and parenting (such as the essay this morning)

*Tim Tebow. (Enough said.)

*The media industry, with an emphasis on sports.

*And daily morning talking points about the biggest stories in sports each day. (First seen at, then here at the blog, and currently also at

For those regulars looking for the usual Sunday morning recap, I've been on the road all morning traveling back from the Thanksgiving holiday. A few tidbits:

*That Tebow Swamp finale was just about as ideal as it could have been. (Go to for more on that.)

*I think even Tim Tebow has to seriously consider giving Toby Gerhart his Heisman vote.

*Now that Boise State is almost assured of a BCS bowl at-large bid, I'd love to see a bowl smart enough to match up Boise and TCU, then call it the "Cinderella Bowl." (Of course, we saw that last year, not in a BCS bowl setting -- TCU won.)

*Don't expect the real story about Tiger and Elin to emerge anytime soon -- if ever. No athlete is more protected and secure than Tiger, certainly in terms of his personal life.

*Most intriguing NFL player of the day: Steelers starting QB Dennis Dixon.

Again, welcome to the NYT readers curious about the writer behind today's essay. If you get the Times paper -- rather than read it online -- it's near the back of today's sports section, with a rather huge picture of my son leading the page.

-- D.S.

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Biff said...

Cinderella Bowl? Dan, seriously? Do you think that is what TCU would want? Why the *hell* doesn't TCU deserve to play for the NC? They've beat more ranked teams than any of the unbeatens. They've taken care of business *every* game.