Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday 12/03 Quickie: Tiger, Nets, Civil War, Toronto Bills, SEC Title Game

Another day, another development in the Tiger story. Sorry: It remains the No. 1 topic, sports or otherwise. Per today's SN column, I found his apology lacking. (But Jesper Parnevik's comments? Amazingly loaded.)

But there's a lot more to talk about:

*Oregon vs. Oregon State: For the Rose Bowl, for the Pac-10 title, for state bragging rights. It's a great rivalry, and they've never had a bigger game against each other. (And I pick...the Beavers!)

*Florida vs. Alabama: Lane Kiffin makes me laugh with his Meyer-bashing. I'm going to blow this out tomorrow. It remains the Game of the Year in college football.

*Heisman Watch: Head to for a deeper breakdown, but I remain convinced -- as I have since August -- that it's Colt McCoy's to lose. But Tebow is a lock as a finalist.

*Nets 0-18: You know how I feel about this -- if you're going to suck, suck prolifically...superlatively... like no other team has ever sucked. Congrats, Nets.

*AI to Sixers: Again, if you're not going to make the playoffs, at least be INTERESTING. And now the Sixers are. If they're coming to your town and you've never seen AI, you should go.

*Hey, the Big Ten finally beat the ACC! Thanks, Clemson! Your chokery has given the Big Ten something to brag about. (Anyone else enjoy the Duke schadenfreude?)

*I have always considered Bills fans to be among the best, not just in the NFL but all of sports. That makes your owner's willingness to ship off a home game to Toronto all the more pathetic. I know why he's doing it -- it makes business sense, and if he can create a second market for the team in Toronto, that's good for the team, ultimately. But it sucks for fans in the city.

Check out the complete column here. I've got two more posts coming today -- one about the Comcast-NBCU deal and one about the BCS' recent PR efforts. You don't want to miss either one.

-- D.S.

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