Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday 12/01 Quickie: Saints, Weis, Bowden, SEC, Dunlap, Mauer, Tiger

Sorry for the delay this morning. Tons in the column today:

Led with the Saints -- the perfect team on the way to the perfect ending to the decade in the NFL.

Could have led with Weis: His ouster was a foregone conclusion -- who's next SHOULD be (Brian Kelly). Why do I have the feeling it won't be?

Could have led with Bowden: He had plenty of chances to go out on his terms. You can't run a program into mediocrity and expect to get the same treatment, I don't care who you are.

But the Saints pounding the Pats were the story. Their offense is absurdly good. Their defense is surprisingly good -- shutting down the Pats' offense is no small thing.

More you'll find in the column:
*Tiger will do whatever Tiger wants.
*Joe Mauer sets up his leaving Minnesota.
*John Wall can pass the ball pretty well.

What you won't find: Carlos Dunlap's DUI. Ugh. Let me offer an update:

First, his value to Florida's D, which I think is arguably the best defense in college football of the last 20-30 years: High. His presence makes everyone else that much more dangerous. Spikes is great and Haden is amazing. But Dunlap is the best DE in the country -- the Franchise.

Second: What should Urban Meyer do? This isn't an eye-gouging. This is a freaking DUI. And he's not even 21. In theory, he should suspend him for the entire game. In practice, he could probably get away with suspending him for half the game. Meyer would take a ton of heat, but if sports fans forgive transgressions for anything, it's winning. This would be forgotten on Sunday morning, if the Gators won.

Check out the complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Johnny b said...

No mention of Ovi injuring his own knee in an attempted cheap shot on the carolina guy?

panicstreak said...

It won't be Kelly, because he's not a proven developer of FBS programs. Only 3 years at CMU, 4-7, 6-5, 9-4 then gone. He hasn't even seen a full recruiting class graduate yet at Cincinnati.

A highlight from the Swarbrick presser yesterday "I think I will say that it is important to us to look first and foremost at people who have demonstrated an ability to build and sustain a Division I college football program."

Kelly doesnt really fit either.

I think the other point is, that Kelly can't be prepared for the spotlight that is South Bend. The only way the Irish end up with Kelly is if they go on the cheap, but in buying out Weis, and sniffing around Stoops, clearly money isn't an issue.