Friday, September 22, 2006

End-of-Week Review

Thanks for another great week, everyone.

Don't forget to have your say about today's big takes:
*NFL Week 3!
*College Football Weekend!
*"G.O.S." jailtime!

Meanwhile, here's my ranking of my Top 10 favorite newsmakers of the week:

10. Pete Rose: Hardly "Sorry" ($299!)
9. Subway MLB: Mets, Yankees clinch!
8. Ryan Longwell: NFC North's best QB!
7. Trevor Hoffman: All-time saves = Cy!
6. Joey Porter's dogs: Hide your horses!
5. Jags D: Pitched a shutout on MNF!
4. David Boren: Okla prez sore loser!
3. Elin Nordegren: She's no porn star!
2. "Game of Shadows" guys: Off to clink
1. Peter Gammons: Welcome back!

Comments: Who was YOUR most significant newsmaker of the week?

Enjoy your weekend! Don't forget: I won't be live-blogging over the weekend, but I'll absolutely have two posts up, one for college football and one for NFL. Pick up the ball and go-go-go!

-- D.S.


Tony E said...

Jason Whitlock leaving page 2, I can only hope he sets up a blog as well, because who knows how AOL Sports will do.

Mega said...

Most significant news of the week? T.O. is going to....wait who cares!

Sheldiz said...

most significant game(s) of the week.... seeing what 2-0 NFL teams bite it this week. whole new ballgame by tuesday morning.

Jingoist said...

Malkin- Super Dud separating his shoulder in first pre-season NHL game for the Penguins. Talk about bad karma. I wonder if the Russian mob had something to do with it (see: paid LeClair to "fall") on behalf of the Russian Elite League.