Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday: CFB Comment Tailgate!

Last Update (11:27 p.m.): Wow, that Gators win over the Vols was g-r-i-t-t-y. But huge, establishing UF as the team to beat in the SEC East and, of course, on "Shake-Out Saturday" (or whatever it's called) keeps them among the BCS title-game contenders... for one more week. That's more than can be said for Notre Dame and FSU.

The Top 10 this week is going to be VERY interesting. Or, at least, it SHOULD be. The media and coaches have a way of turning their polls into farces, even with the best material to work with. And so I leave the Comments section with this final question that we can talk about all day tomorrow:

What does YOUR Top 10 look like? Use the Comments section to have your say. Here's my first crack, but I reserve the right to change it, based on your input and opinions, before Monday morning:

1. Ohio St.
2. Auburn
3. West Virginia
4. USC
5. Michigan
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. Texas
9. LSU
10. Louisville*

This is after 3 games, not forward-looking. Without Brohm, Louisville wouldn't make my Top 10, and I fully expect them to lose to WVA -- but what a testament to the strength of their offense that they can probably come out of '06 as a one-loss team even WITHOUT Brohm and Bush.

So if you ask me to project, I'd take out L'ville and I'd probably have Notre Dame as No. 10, begrudgingly. (But if I had any guts whatsoever, I'd say No. 10 should be Oregon's spot ahead of Notre Dame.)

Why not some of the other still-unbeaten teams? VA Tech has played absolutely no one. Iowa is still too iffy. TCU actually had a pretty awesome day, defensively, vs. Texas Tech. Arizona State? BC? Still too far away.

Great work today. Keep commenting on this through the night -- and all day tomorrow.

-- D.S.

Update (8:59 p.m.): For some really really good comedy, check out Deadspin's day-long "Hugh Johnson Project." (Though they don't seem to have gone past 5 p.m. -- we're still cooking over here!) And keep those comments coming. We've gone into triple-digits. This has been a great experiment today. Love your work today/tonight, everyone. I'm in awe. But not as in awe as I am of Tim Tebow.

Update (8:54 p.m.): Think the Reggie Bush thing has gotten into USC's head? What else could account for being down 3-0 at the end of the first quarter? Yikes, I'll say one thing: USC does NOT look like the No. 2 team in the country. Or No. 3. Or No. 4. Or No. 5.

Update (8:33 p.m.): In my house, the day doesn't really start until the Gators start playing. And that last TD drive was exactly what Florida needs to do more of: Use frosh backup QB Tim Tebow to freak out the D a little, then let senior starting QB Chris Leak use a roll-out to buy just enough time to hit a WR deep for a TD. I tackle my wife on the couch. Whee. OK, that's my last Gators-partisan update of the night. (Maybe.)

Update (7:57 p.m.): Comment Question! While we're waiting for the 8 p.m. games to kickoff and heat up, here's a question for the Comment page:

Where do you think Notre Dame will be ranked in the next poll? (What's their best-case scenario? What's their worst-case scenario? And, remember: That is the opposite of how the haters will see it. I think their best-case is 5th -- I'm retching -- and the worst-case -- realistically -- is 10th. And that's probably a stretch, unfortunately. They shouldn't be in the Top 10. Not after today. Your thoughts? Post in the Comments area on it.

Update (7:43 p.m.): Uh, one of the least-heralded of the ranked-vs-ranked games provided the best finish of the day. WHAT A FINISH!

Oregon with the TD drive (1)!
Oregon with the onside kick!
The refs blowing the replay call...horribly!
Oregon with the TD drive (2)!
The refs blowing ANOTHER replay call!
Oklahoma with the wild runback!
Set up for a game-winning FG!
Blocked! Blocked! Ducks win!

What a game! Not to be trite, but this is why we watch.

By the way, the biggest storyline of the game: How the replay system could have failed so horribly...not once but TWICE! I'm sorry: Can't they get the official in the replay booth a 60-inch HD TV for the clearest picture possible? But I don't have an HDTV and I still saw that onside kick was touched early by Oregon AND that the PI call was wrong, if the rule is "If the ball is touched first..." because the ball was clearly touched first. How did the replay official miss not just either, but BOTH?!?!

See my updated item below: Oklahoma should stay in the Top 20, because the refs probably robbed them of the game. But we rank by what HAPPENED, not what SHOULD have happened. Put the Ducks in (or very very near) the Top 10, too. Whew!!

Don't forget: Join in the Comment Tailgate! 60-plus comments already. As long as you're just sitting there watching football on TV, add your analysis and respond to others.

Update (6:50 p.m.): After the 3:30 round, some thoughts:

Louisville is a Top 10 team.
is a Top 10 team.
Notre Dame is not.
should be No. 2.
LSU still deserves to be a Top 10 team.
Oregon isn't a Top 10 team, but knocking on the door. (Yes, that used to say "Oklahoma." I jumped the gun, Dewey-defeats-Truman style. Oh did I! What a finish!)

Update (6:48 p.m.): Auburn wins! Amazingly dramatic final drive by LSU falls short! Horrible officiating call ruins LSU season (and saves Auburn season)! Wow...

We still have to see how USC does against Nebraska, but I'm ready to give Auburn the No. 2 ranking for surviving in this one, even though the refs tainted it.

Update (6:46 p.m.): No matter how this LSU-Auburn game ends, LSU is putting up a HELL of a final drive. Where's the Auburn D now?

Update (6:33 p.m.): LSU just got robbed when the ref called off that pass-interference call on 4th down. What a classic example of the limitations of the replay system. Someone needs to explain to me precisely WHY that can't be a reviewable play? Because it was a "judgment call" by the ref? SO WHAT?! Isn't that EXACTLY when a play should be review-eligible? Because if you watch the play, it is OBVIOUS that the LSU WR was interfered with BEFORE the Auburn DB touched the ball. It's even worse, because the ref changed the call from right to wrong. The original call was right; the second-guess was wrong. They just arguably cost LSU their shot at the national title; on Auburn's side, they have to be thinking that's one of those moments you look back on as a key "karma" moment in a title season.

Update (5:41 p.m.): Where was that QB work from Brady Quinn earlier in the game? Meanwhile, 7 points might be enough to win for Auburn. I suspect they'll need another FG to feel more secure. When was the last time that 10 points made a team feel good?

Update (5:10 p.m.): Maaaaaaannnniinnnngghaaaammm! (And I'm not even a Michigan fan.) Excuse my earlier over-enthusiasm.

Update (4:56 p.m.): If the No. 2 team gets stomped at home by the No. 11 team, that No. 2 team should be out of the Top 10 in the next poll. At least, if the voters know what the hell they're talking about.

Meanwhile, Auburn-LSU may be 0-0, but at least it's going to be close all the way down to the wire. Sure beats a 27-7 ass-kicking.

In the other "Showdown/Shakedown/Shake-Up/Whatever "S"-word-it-is Saturday" games, where's the offense between Miami and L'ville? And I'm rooting for Oregon to finally show everyone how overrated Oklahoma is.

Update (4:35 p.m.): 20-7 Michigan. I don't have to worry about partisan jinxes, and it's a fun thought exercise: How far does ND drop with a home loss to Michigan? (Still can't believe they were No. 2. Have to say: Told you so.) How much does Michigan jump with a win at ND?

If the poll was fair (and smart), a flip-flop isn't out of the question: Michigan into the Top 5; ND into the 10-15 range. But you just KNOW the voters would NEVER drop ND from 2 beyond, say, the 6-10 range.

(Yes, I know I'm jinxing the hell out of
Michigan right now.)

Update (3:49 p.m.): Brady Quinn intercepted for an INT-TD? Someone pinch me. Meanwhile, LSU-Auburn is a slugfest. Two awesome defenses. This could be a 9-6 field-position-rules game. Ugly, but in a beautiful way.

Update (2:56 p.m.): Ohio State has just blown it open. 34-7 makes the final score more than respectable for the poll voters among the media and coaches who simply vote off of final score, which I suspect an embarrassing percentage probably do. Despite a crappy first half, you can't hold it against them -- not when the final spread will be that wide. The Buckeyes' No. 1 slot is safe for another week.

(On the IA/IASt game, Mike Gottfried has just re-iterated that Florida State is his No. 2 team. That's not No. 2 in the ACC -- No. 2 in the country. He talks like Tom Carvel and apparently has dipped a little too heavily into the ice-cream cake on that one. It's going to be funny when FSU loses to Clemson in Tallahassee tonight. Doe s anyone get that Tom Carvel reference?)

Update (1:32 p.m.): The question that's going to keep me occupied until the 3:30 mayhem is whether I'd consider dropping Ohio St from the No. 1 spot if they continue to look so mediocre vs. Cincinnati. I don't care that OSU won at Texas last week; UT was obviously overrated at No. 2. Not convincingly beating Cincinnati would be as much of an indicator of Ohio State's quality as beating Texas (and that's not a good thing).

One problem: I'm not sure who I'd replace OSU at No. 1 with (how wonderful: "No. 1 by default"); to me, the only contender would be Auburn beating LSU (but they'd be doing it at home. Question: Is winning at home over LSU more impressive than beating Texas in Austin?)

I'm sure OSU will make this a moot argument by throttling Cincy in the 2nd half -- but it's a terrific academic argument: Should a team -- particularly a No. 1-ranked team -- be punished for not winning impressively ENOUGH?

(At the very least, it should be factored in. But I get the sense from the media and coaches' poll that the ruling philosophy is "Inertia Rules." All a team seems to have to do to maintain their poll standing is to win. Sometimes, they don't even need to play at all -- see USC's ludicrous jump from 3 to 2 in the coaches' poll last week.)

ORIGINAL POST: I'm busy getting ready for the wild ride of college football that starts around 3:30 and runs until midnight. (Why are there never any great games between noon and 3:30?) Anyway, here we go:

The Comments area is open for your pre-game analysis, mid-game analysis, post-game analysis, What-It-All-Means analysis, Heisman analysis, Top 25 analysis and anything else you want to discuss. I'll be tracking and jumping in when I'm inspired by either something I see on TV or something commented.

-- D.S.

Update: I didn't even do a post for today's biggest headlines. Let's see: Reggie Bush denies the Yahoo story (shocker!)... Papelbon is done for the season AND done as a closer (a switch which should have been done earlier this season)... and there's a must-read in today's WashPost that foreshadows the new NBA/NCAA/ShoeCo attempt to undercut the evil elements of prep/amateur hoops. I have a LOT to say about this, but it'll probably have to wait until next week. I re-submit yesterday's analysis: Who would have thought that back-to-back double-headers between the Yankees and Red Sox would be such a non-event? OK, back to burying myself in CFB. -- D.S.


Dan Shanoff said...

I'm watching Iowa State play Iowa and I'm not impressed at all with Iowa. But we all should have known that after that debacle at Syracuse. How is this team ranked?!?! -- D.S.

Christian Thoma said...

Well, Iowa is still ranked because Tate was unavailable for last week's game, so the pollsters (rightfully) didn't hold their performance against Syracuse against them.

However, a loss (or a close win) will probably drop them from the Top 25 for good.

Christian (High Point, NC)

Jon said...

I was going to watch the Iowa-Iowa State game, but I didn't want to start the day with something that awful. Looking forward to Michigan's win later on and am very interested to hear Ortiz get booed.

Christian Thoma said...

Of course USC should have moved up. Texas lost, and dropped down. Unless you think Auburn or Notre Dame did well enough last week that you'd push them over an idle USC, who else gets #2? One falls, everyone slides up. Makes perfect sense to me.

As for OSU dropping, I doubt it. Most pundits decry when teams run up the score. It'd be hypocrisy to penalize a team for a lackluster effort, especially considering what they did last week.

Christian Thoma said...

Can anyone explain to me why the Iowa fans keep doing the Pacman?

Unknown said...

I'm watching BC/BYU and I gotta ask - how often do you see a kid shank two extra points in a row?

BC just got a 2 pt conversion to go up 20-14 but this game has been a classic BC letdown game after an emotional win the week before (Clemson in 2 OT)

Perks said...

Iowa's coming back strong, but the Cyclones are really moving the ball well today. Iowa is looking bad, and every ranked team playing early might not cover!

Dan, if ND wins by more than 2 TDs today, would you ever consider them replacing OSU, should they finish mediocre today? You really should, despite your anti-ND tendencies. Look at that schedule!

Christian Thoma said...

Despite the lack of hype compared to the later games, the Battle of the Iowas and the Mormon-Catholic Throwdown are close, exciting games.

TJ said...

Is it possible that Mike Gottfried just said--on national TV--that he ranks teams based on what they did last week, and that he has FSU #2?!?

Dan, what did you expect? Iowa ALWAYS struggles with Iowa State. It makes no sense, but it always happens.

Christian Thoma said...

Troy: He had them #1 the previous week, so he dropped them a spot for barely beating Troy. So yes, he's clearly insane.

Dan Shanoff said...

Is it me or does Mike Gottfried talk like he's had a stroke? (I don't mean for that to sound harsh or mean, and if he DID have a stroke recently, I certainly didn't know that.) The guy sounds like Tom Carvel. And if you get that reference, my hat comes off to you.

(Can I just say that today is my kid's 4-month "birthday," and in honor of Mike Gottfried and Tom Carvel, perhaps I'll go out and buy/eat a Carvel birthday cake from 3:30-Midnight.)

A stroke might just explain Gottfried's absolute insanity of having FSU No. 2 *after* the Troy debacle. I'll 'fess up that I had FSU high after beating Miami -- say what you want about the quality of the play, but they DID beat a then-high-ranked team.

But I would have taken them out of the Top 25 altogether for the way they beat Troy. It was horrible. And FSU is horrible. No. 2?!?! I wouldn't rank them No. 22. And it'll be awesome when Clemson beats them AT Tallahassee.

-- Dan

Perks said...

Dear God, Mike Gottfried really is missing something. He has certainly lost a step, and can NOT possibly have FSU #2. I couldn't believe that, and saying "Notre Dame is moving up"... from number 9 to 6 now in his poll?!

He's really added some "unintentional" humor for my friends and me during this great game though, thats for sure.

TJ said...

So I've officially switched over to the USF - UCF game on CSTV and what is Trev Alberts doing announcing this game--in a green and gold tie? Did I miss something.

Anyway, this is my game until the big boys come on. So far USF's defense has 2 INTs, and, well, when USF's first play on you is a 51 yard pass, you're in trouble.

Christian Thoma said...

USF, huh? Is Jenn Sterger there again?

Trev got canned from the WWL last year, glad to see he's working.

So what game should I have on, Notre Dame-Michigan or Auburn-LSU? On the one hand, the Auburn-LSU game will probably be better, on the other hand, I hate Notre Dame and Michigan and will enjoy watching one of them lose. Decisions, decisions ...

Christian Thoma said...

Wait a second, I just caught what Dan said.

Texas was "obviously overrated" at #2 last week?

Weren't you going to keep Texas at #2 after the loss?

Dan, you know I'm a fan, but I like to go to IHOP for my waffles, ok?

Christian (High Point, NC)

PS: Wake Forest has to be the worst 3-0 team in the history of College Football.

Dan Shanoff said...

I should have totally mentioned my Texas-is-still-No.-2 comment from last Sunday. That was WRONG. It's not a waffle -- more of an "upon further review" moment. I recanted on Monday, after you Commenters set me straight. Do you accept my bleating caveats?

Christian Thoma said...

Yeah yeah, we'll let it slide ... this time.

Speaking of Upon Further Review, is it possible that the Big East is even worse than suspected? MSU (MSU!) totally smacked down Pitt, and a Wake Forest team that need OT to beat Duke (yes, OT to beat Duke) breezes by UConn.

I feel the urge to put my money on Miami.

Greg said...

re: Fouts doing play-by-play...

Has a jock ever made for a decent play-by-play guy? (in ANY sport?)

Christian Thoma said...

Brady Quinn's Heisman Hopes Just Died.

Good Riddance.

TJ said...

...and ChrTh just set an Instant History world-record.

This is getting really hard switching between the 3 big games. Time to think about digging out that cable splitter and dragging in the other TV...

Christian Thoma said...

Dan, when you said 9-6 slugfest, were you referring to points or first downs? Yikes!

Chad Henne's Heisman hopes just went bye-bye as well. I have a feeling the winner of that game will be the one to get the last INT.

Christian Thoma said...

Touchdown, Michigan. This is turning into a laugher.


Meanwhile, I'm in pain watching this LSU-Auburn game. Although Auburn had a nice clock-consuming drive there, but nothing to show for it.

TJ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TJ said...

So... wow. Only two games left to pay attention to now. ND is getting destroyed. I can't wait for Dan's inevitable "Michigan for #1!" comment. I feel it coming any minute now.

Dan Shanoff said...

Not Michigan-for-No.-1, but certainly "Get Notre Dame the hell out of the No. 2 spot..and while you're at it, how about out of the Top 10 altogether."

Here's the upshot: You lose at home to the No. 11 team in the country, you don't deserve to be in the Top 10.

-- Dan

Christian Thoma said...

Naw, Dan won't tout Michigan for #1. Since Notre Dame is 'obviously overrated at #2', the Wolverines winning isn't worthy of a #1 vote.

However, it may very well save Lloyd Carr's job. Until they lose to Ohio State.

I think Brady "No Heisman for You" Quinn is right now 3-11 for 16 yards, with 1 TD and 1 INT (for a TD).

Christian Thoma said...

One suspects Manningham will get to watch the rest of the game from the sideline.

It's for moments like this my German ancestors invented the word Schadenfreude.

TJ said...

Since Dan's already formulating his "switch Michigan and Notre Dame in the polls" idea, how about switch Manningham and Quinn in the Heisman voting while we're at it? This is all assuming, of course, that ND doesnt have a 20 point 2nd half comeback in them.

Kevin said...

Anyone else see the graphic that CBS flashed, showing that the LSU defense had 16 quarters w/o allowing a TD, followed by Auburn driving and scoring a TD moments later? I love those TV jinxes.

My favorite is in basketball, when a guy is 2-for-2 at the FT line, and they flash the graphic saying he's a 67% shooter for the season, and you just know he's going to miss the next one.

Sean said...

How do the announcers not even mention pass interference on that cheap shot by the ND cornerback?

Trayton Otto said...

Everyone complains about the NFL Sunday Ticket begin available only on DirectTV, but no one ever mentions that ESPN360 isn't available for everyone. I've been stuck with Comcast in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), Atlanta (Go Jackets!), and now Seattle and I can't watch ESPN360 exclusives!! I have ESPNGamePlan, so I can watch Miami-UL (and the Cardinals finally found some points to put on the board), but I want to watch two at once!

Sean said...

I like that Weis had Quinn throw 2 short TDs so his stats don't look so bad, but these two terrible INTs should indicate that he is not Heisman-worthy, especially if they lose by 30 points.

TJ said...

OK Dan, so if FSU got lots of love from you for looking like crap in beating an equally-crappy looking Miami, how much love do we give Louisville for demolishing that same Miami team? Sure it's a lower ranked Miami team, but it's not like they've gotten any worse of the past couple weeks.

Today shows more than anything that accurately ranking teams in the first month is next to impossible.

Trayton Otto said...

Rivas is actually looking reasonable this year (40-14 UM)

Trayton Otto said...

I'm always interested in the schedules , how non-conf games are made (OU-OU), which conference games are scheduled in non-round robin (everyone but the PAC10 -- kudos to you).

How did we get 7 (almost 8 with FSU-Clem tonight) super matchups today?

Trayton Otto said...

I'm used to seeing the ball tipped coming out of the pocket, but that was a huge downfield tip by the Auburn D to lock up the game.

Unknown said...

Who has looked worse today Miami or Notre Dame?

I think Notre Dame just didn't care to show up - definately that Penn State game last week took all the emotion out of the team and they just looked dead today.

Dan is it possible that this game was so bad for Brady Quinn that not only the Heisman but could he have put doubts in peoples mind about that whole #1 pick in the NFL draft?

Trayton Otto said...

Geaux Tigers!?

Why do some vaunted defenses just fall apart when the opponents go pass-happy at the end of games?

Christian Thoma said...

Instant. Classic.

I was so sure LSU was going to pull off the win as payback for the lousy call by the officials (even if it wasn't pass interference, it should've been defensive holding).

Auburn has a major piece of karmic payback due it.

Christian Thoma said...

So who's going to be higher-ranked, LSU or Texas? I'd have to say the former, but typical pollsters will penalize LSU for losing more recently and vote Texas higher.

If LSU does get the nod over Texas, that'll make it much much harder for the Longhorns to get back to the Championship Game.

Trayton Otto said...

If both LSU and Texas win out, Texas will have the advantage of the Big XII Championship and one more game (ugh, who's the sacrifice coming out of the Big XII this year?) to jump the Tigers if they're behind this Monday.

eirishis said...

So, that ND game was an absolute embarrassment ... ND should be dropped out of the Top 10. Just abyssmal. Hats off to Michigan, those fuckers.

As for "Separation Saturday" ... I dunno, games haven't appeared too damn good to me.

Trayton Otto said...

Brady Quinn looked like Aaron Brooks for a moment.

Goodbye Heisman.

Trayton Otto said...

Quick rules question... if Oregon gets the ball (which they shouldn't), does it count as a "change of possession" re: timing issues?

Jon said...

Wow. Refs playing a big part of a game with a bad call. Shocking. How did that guy miss that call?? Clearly touched by the Ducks.

Trayton Otto said...

Okay... so what's the worse call?

The un-reviewable non-pass interference tipped ball judgement call in Auburn-LSU

or the reviewed bad call on the onsides kick in OU-OU?

Trayton Otto said...

Thanks, Mark.

I can't imagine being in Bob Stoops's shoes right now. This is unbelieveable!!

(TD Oregon)

Trayton Otto said...

Normally I'd root against Oklahoma, but I want them to score now to fight the refs blown reviews.

Trayton Otto said...

Props to Adrian Peterson for a block for another 15-20 yards on that return.

Christian Thoma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christian Thoma said...

Wow, the Ducks win. That's two on the Karma Is A Bitch Payback List.

Texas is winning easily, killing time for the next slate of games.

LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

Someone needs to let refs know that when a play starts IN bounds that it's not a late hit if it spills out of bounds. That was called twice on Michigan.

OK got screwed hardcore, though.

Dan Shanoff said...

I jumped the gun on my update post on Oklahoma. I feel like a chump.

Whoever said "Karma Is a Bitch Payback List" of Oklahoma is RIGHT ON.

That was a wild finish, but absolutely tarnished by two horrendous replay calls. How do you screw up REPLAY? That's what's supposed to FIX things.

By the way, the new clock rules are as good as finished; today was a high-profile, everyone's-watching exhibit of why they suck. The only problem is that we'll have to live with them the rest of the season. Believe me, it's going to get worse -- much worse -- at an even worse time and more important game.

The only way the Brady Quinn Heisman bandwagon doesn't end tonight is if his slurpers in the media drag it along like the limp, lifeless blow-up doll that it is.

Best player in football? He's not even the best QB in football. Hell, he wasn't even the best QB on the field.

I can't wait to see where Notre Dame falls in the polls -- I'm telling you right now, you better prepare yourself for the idea that they will BARELY slip. It's going to be nauseating.

Here's my question: What's the best- and worst-case scenarios for Notre Dame's ranking in the next Top 25?

I'll get it started:
Best-Case (for haters): 10th.
Worst-Case (for haters): 5th.

Greg said...

Kudos to ABC for going to break after that horrific injury in the USC game.

And I just sat down to kill a Little Caesars pepperoni... so much for that after seeing that RB's leg...

Christian Thoma said...

wildpitch_20: you can't tackle the receiver while the ball is in the air. Like I said earlier, even if you don't call Pass Interference you still have to call Defensive Holding.

Dan Shanoff said...

I'm in serious agita right now at the end of halftime.

That call that eliminated that sick punt return by the true frosh Brandon James (No. 25) was a travesty.

And did you hear Urban call out the officiating during his little 15-second TV interview heading into halftime? Nice!

TJ said...

1. OSU - I'm not completely sold on this one, but WVU hasn't done enough to deserve the upgrade to #1.
2. WVA
3. Auburn - I'm scared shitless of UF's game at Auburn in a few weeks.
4. Michigan
5. Florida
6. Louisville - Demolished Miami, which doesn't mean as much as it seems like it should. But I really like them. For some reason.
7. Georgia
8. LSU - I'm almost equally scared of LSU's visit to the Swamp in two weeks--that defense looked amazing.
9. USC - I'm very much not sold on them. Wouldn't be surprised if they had 2 losses going into the ND game at the end of the year.
10. TCU - Held Texas Tech to 3?!? That's worth at least a temporary 10-spot.

Qwagmire said...

It isnt the OU is better than OU. (Ducks over Sooners)

Sooners got jobbed, PAC 10 style, and now as a resident of the left coast I will never hear the end of The DUcks winning, despite the bad calls.

Now this has a little left over for me. I won Holiday Bowl tickets last year and sat on the dividing line between the Duck/Sooner sections in San Diego. Sooner fans were professional and polite, Duck fans acted like it was their first time out of the state.

Based on the actions of their fans, I have the feeling this win over the Sooners will make the Ducks fans think they should be ranked #1, and we wont hear the end of it.

Qwagmire said...

1. Ohio St.
2. Auburn
3. USC
4. LSU
5. Texas
5. Michigan
6. Florida
7. West Virginia (play someone, Terps couldnt bet DeMatha High right now)
8. Georgia
9. Louisville
10. Notre Dame

adnteh said...

You can all thank Michigan for putting an end to both Quinn's Heisman Trophy and ND's Championship campaigns. Sure, those would have gone away if they lost in a similar fashion later on, but did you really want to wait that long? And besides, the press would have milked those stories dry by the time ND went 6-0, I'm sure.

Christian Thoma said...

wildpitch_20: you can't push the WR before the ball is tipped if you don't have position. Contact is not allowed like that. And yes, the contact began before the ball was tipped. A penalty should've been called.

There's no way Texas deserves to be ranked ahead of LSU. Yes, UT lost to a #1, but they lost easily and at home. LSU lost to the proposed #2 on the road in a game where it could be claimed they got jobbed hard. In short, LSU looked better in defeat, and I would choose LSU over Texas in any matchup right now (including in Austin).

My Top 10:
Ohio State
West Virginia

TJ said...

You know, having slept on it, I'm gonna push OSU down to #3 and Auburn up to the #1 spot.

To me, that Auburn - LSU game was just great defensive football, and I can't imagine any other team in the top 10 managing to take out Auburn if they played this weekend. Although Auburn - WVA would be ridiculous fun.

1. Auburn
2. WVU
3. OSU
4. Michigan
5. Florida
6. LSU (and LSU gets a little more love on retrospect too)
7. Louisville
8. Georgia
9. USC
10. TCU

Dan Shanoff said...

I think that some of you are making a really good case for putting LSU over Texas, based on the "strength of the loss":

Barely losing on the road against the No. 2 team in the country vs. not even close to winning at home against the No. 1 team.

Here's a question: If played on a neutral field, who would win between Texas and LSU? I gave the edge to UT, but I'm re-thinking that.

Then again, I'm not so sure that's the way poll-positions should be determined. It should be primarily (if not entirely) about what you've done in the body of your work this season.

Christian Thoma said...

You can judge LSU and Texas on other games, but since they've only played cupcakes (Rice? Louisana-Lafayette?), those other games really don't factor in my opinion. Later in the season, after they've played meatier opponents (Oklahoma, Florida), the importance of OSU-Texas and LSU-Auburn will diminish. But right now, they're really all we got. And LSU looked a lot more impressive versus Auburn than Texas did against OSU.

Also, there's no way Auburn should jump to #1. Their defense totally fell apart in the final quarter. Either that's a lack of conditioning or poor coaching, but either of those make the team vulnerable.

Unknown said...

1 - Ohio State
2 - Auburn
3 - Michigan
4 - West Virginia
5 - Florida
6 - Georgia
7 - Louisville (yeah, not for long though)
8 - Texas
9 - Louisiana State
10 - Texas Christian (noone does that to Texas Tech except the best defenses...TCU earned it )

Unknown said...

Yikes..I totally forgot USC. Put them at 5 and slide the rest down...sorry TCU.

JunkCult said...

I watched the Oregon/OU game on Instant Classic this morning and I think the refs got second PI call right...but for the wrong reason.

They said they couldn't see conslusive proof that the pass got tipped.

What they should have said was the interference occurred when the receiver made his break (before the ball was tipped), not when he was trying to catch the pass (after the ball was tipped.)

Oh well...

JunkCult said...
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