Friday, October 27, 2006

CFB Weekend Preview:
Ain't No Party Like a Cocktail Party...

The more I think about it, the more I think that school administrators thinking that trying to keep people from saying "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" as a way to keep students from drinking is the STUPIDEST idea of the year in college football, if not all of sports.

Some students will drink to excess, whether you dubbed it "Cocktail Party" or "Wholesome Teetotaling." The only thing this has accomplished is getting students – and alumni – fired up, mostly fighting to MAINTAIN the name, plus drawing the scorn of most media and fans everywhere, most of whom just want to see what happens when a bunch of rednecks and crackers get liquored. (And I hope you know the difference between the two!)

If anything, you get the sense that folks out at the game (and back on campus) will drink MORE, just to spite the stuffy prudes running the show. And THEN what'll the administrators have? Here's a hint: They should call the history department and ask for a refresher course on Prohibition Era America.

With that out of the way, let's get into this week's Top 25 schedule:

1 Ohio St over Minnesota
2 Michigan over Northwestern
3 USC over at Oregon St.
5 Texas over at Texas Tech
7 Auburn over at Mississippi
8 Tennessee over at South Carolina (TRAP!)
9 Florida over Georgia
11 Notre Dame over at Navy
13 Arkansas over LA-Monroe
16 Rutgers over UConn (Sun.)
17 Wisconsin over Illinois
18 BC over Buffalo
23 Missouri over 19 Oklahoma (Upset-ish!)
20 Nebraska over at OK St.
21 GA Tech over Miami
22 Texas A&M over Baylor
24 Wake Forest over UNC
25 Oregon over Portland St.


T-Mill said...

We can only hope and pray that Navy knows how to tackle someone late if they have a lead.

Worldwide Reader said...

Wait, Dan is predicting Michigan to knock over Northwestern? Come on Dan - pick 'em with the spreads!!

Here's my 2-team teaser for Saturday: Wake -2.5 @ UNC with USC -4.5 @ Oregon St.

TJ said...

Of course banning the use of the "Cocktail Party" name is dumb, but a UF student has died each of the past two years--both times alcohol-related. While Bernie Machen's overall alcohol policies to date at UF have done nothing but angered students and alumni, at least there's a good motivation for trying to reform behavior at the Cocktail Party.

Also, the schools have created "Sideline Student Safety Zones" designed to help drunk and/or lost students. You have to give them at least a little credit. But not too much--Bernie is still an idiot for his overall alcohol policy.

Matt T said...

Michael Adams has pushed Vince Dooley out, and is trying to ban the Cocktail Party name.

Its all about the ego. It was the Cocktail Party long before Adams and will be long after him.

Anonymous said...

Crackers: old time Floridians. They're like rednecks, but with a bit more flair (and a bit of Spanish and Indian influence).

Rednecks: the more traditional southern stereotype.

Fortunately, Florida has them I'm almost an expert.

The differences are hard to explain, but they are definitely there. You'd never see a Cracker at a Nascar event, for example. And a redneck would be a whole lot less likely to become BFF with a young deer.

Mega said...

Another cupcake game for the Irish.

They're getting ready to be blown out in yet another bowl.

TJ said...

Joe - I did not know that. Bernie has just been so consistent in doing dumb anti-alcohol things since he got here, that I just kinda assumed that was his idea.

And yes, I'm sitting in my apartment watching the World Series tonight instead of getting wasted in Jacksonville. For shame...

Matt T said...

This is also my first time missing the Cocktail Party, since 1999.

It is very weird to be watching it on tv.

Anonymous said...

nyc-steelers fan said...

"Pussy Picks yet again. I'll give you that OSU wins agains; but I'll take the other OSU over USC (who are taking that one for granted, even though they can't score, and are ripe for the biggest upset of the year), and the third OSU over Nebraska (who still haven't recovered from that stupid fumble and loss to Texas;"

Talk about hitting the nail on the head. All three OSUs win today. I'm just glad USC is (most likely) out of the National Title hunt.