Thursday, October 26, 2006

NBA 06-07 Preview:
What Others Are Saying

Kudos to my former colleague Royce Webb who is a mastermind behind's NBA coverage. This season's team-by-team previews are the site's best ever (yes, I say that even though I will get no chance this season to offer my "expert" analysis.)

In a way any good Quickie fan (or writer) will appreciate, it's a lot of quick-hit material, with the best part being a box of analysis from each team's leading blogger. (The best offering, by far, is from Wizznutzz. It makes the other expert analysis on the Wizards seem quite uninspired.)

If I WAS going to be included, I sure as hell wouldn't have picked the Cavs to win the East, even though they seem to be the trendy pick. (They'll be good, but winning the East? Sorry.) You can check out the Cavs preview here, then use the drop-down menu at the top of each page to check out other teams.

(If you do check it out, I also encourage you to check out the bloggers' coverage, which you can get to directly from their offering on each preview page.)

Nice job, Royce and Co.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Damn you scoop! If he picked us 1, Lebron's going to have a career ending injury to make up for it.

James said...

Thanksa you DAn!!!! You've always been supportive of us like a Jahidi thong, from your time on Page 2 (aka Page 69 of a 68 page paper now!!!) to this personal enterprise. Please call us next time your'reereer in Town. We'd love for you to take us out to dinner. After we eat we'll all make like Jackie Joyner and dash out on the bill at MCI Verizon Caps Centre Executive Nachos Express cart on 15th & K. We'll yell, "Steinz will pay!!!" and we'll laff manically and then smoke cigarettes!!!!!!!.

MoL said...

The Cavs as a trendy pick? Do you forget this is Cleveland? We'll find someway to gloriously lose in the finals that will be replayed ad infinitum on ESPN Classic (see: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1997).

Anonymous said...

you want a sleeper pick...

the wizards. if they can knock some sense into haywood... that team is dangerous.

a deep sleeper...

the celtics. after red's passing, maybe the magic may come.