Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday A.M. Quickie:
Cards on Brink, Clemson Not

The Cards are going to win the World Series. David Eckstein is the hero and likely MVP. The Tigers' magic has all but evaporated. The Cards get one shot tonight to win a World Series at home and have all the momentum in the world. Here's my take on the state of the World Series.

Jerry Jones is unhappy with the Cowboys QB situation. His point seems to be that going with Romo is an indicator that the team is struggling, but isn't the best move for a would-be competitive team to use the best QB possible? In this case, benching Bledsoe isn't a sign of surrender; it's the last attempt to salvage an otherwise disappointing season.

Quick! Name the Chiefs starting QB this weekend? Trent Green? Nope. Damon Huard? Wrong again! (He was injured in practice yesterday.) It'll be rookie Brodie Croyle, who starred for Alabama last season. Welcome to the NFL, kid. He'll be eating Seahawks sandwiches all day.

Florida opens college hoops season at No. 1 in coaches' Top 25, earning 30 out of 31 first-place votes. (So who was the ass-hat who voted Ohio St. at No. 1?) As I've argued before, you have to be a complete fool (or contrarian for contrarian's sake) to not pick the Gators as your top-ranked preseason team. UNC and Kansas are 2nd and 3rd, with OSU at No. 4 and Pitt/UCLA tied at No. 5.

Bruce Bochy is jumping from the Padres to the Giants. In San Diego, he got to win in relative obscurity, nationally. In San Francisco, he'll be in the eye of the Bonds shitstorm throughout next season. Enjoy!

Promising Hawks sophomore forward Marvin Williams' breakthrough season will have to wait: He's out up to 8 weeks with a broken wrist. Uh, so don't draft him high in Fantasy.

Clemson gets shellacked: It has to make my "Top 5 Jinxes Ever" list that mere hours after I bump Clemson over the "SEC Three" in my CFB Top 25 this week, they get absolutely crushed at VA Tech. This year's ACC is the Big East from a few years ago: Tell me again why they deserve a guaranteed BCS spot?

(Perhaps only matched by my jinx on Sonics center Robert Swift, who I was lauding earlier this week as being a successful prep-to-pro. He's out for the season with a knee injury.)

And, in the nastiest story of the day, a Cowboys assistant coach is suing McDonald's because his family's au pere found a rat in her take-out salad. Enjoy your next meal!

-- D.S.


Baby Toby said...


Unknown said...


Marvin Williams breakthrough season???

He's only out 8 weeks. what about insider information that says that ROBERT SWIFTS knee injury puts him OUT FOR THE WHOLE SEASON.

That's the Sonics starting center, huge blow right there.

Brian in Oxford said...

I enjoy it, when every time Michael Vick has a good game, analysts like to think maybe he's "turned the corner".

He has one game like that every year. If you turn enough corners, you end up back where you started.

Unknown said...


Marvin Williams breakthrough season???

He's only gone for 8 weeks!!! ROBERT SWIFT is out for the WHOLE SEASON according to insider reports.

The Sonic's just lost their starting center for the year. I think that's bigger than Williams for 2 months.

rukrusher said...

Clemson's QB had an awful night in Lane Stadium. Is there a way the ACC BCS team can have three losses? I hope so.

I am rooting for South Carolina, Georgia and Texas Tech this weekend, an RU win might put them into the Top 10 if these one loss teams starting dropping games.

Here is a question for Dan, As an RU fan do I root for Louisville or West Virginia on Thursday? In other words is it better for RU to beat an undefeated Louisville at home or better to hope for an undefeated WVU in December?

Pete said...

Not that there was any record tied last night in the NHL or anything...

LudaKris said... going witht he SEC's arguement, all the teams are so good that they keep beating each other up. Take that!

Richard said...


I'm going to be Devil's Advocate for a second. Here are two conferences and the top two teams in them (by record).

Conference A
Team 1: 6-1 (one loss is a 50-14 blowout)
Team 2: 6-1 (one loss is by 10)

Conference B:
Team 3: 6-1 (one loss is by 2)
Team 4: 6-1 (one loss is by 10)

Both conferences have guaranteed BCS slots. Both resumes are similar with Conference B having a slight edge (and I know the blindfold is huge).

Conference A is the SEC with teams Arkansas and Florida. Conference B is the ACC with teams Boston College and Wake Forest.

Just because the top teams arent the usuals doen't mean the conference isn't as competitive.

And like I said, I'm playing the devil's advocate.

Bear said...

Love the asshat reference.

ToddTheJackass said...

Dan, again, the BC community would like to thank you for jinxing Clemson last night. That was pretty awesome of you, I gotta say.

CorrND said...

Agreed bob.

Dan, I've loved your writing since you got out from under the editors, but never more than when I read "add-hat" over my morning coffee.

TJ said...

I know you're just being devil's advocate, Richard, but why did you only go 2-deep? You left out Tennessee (only loss by 1) and Auburn (only loss by... a bunch).

I think the SEC just goes deeper--the real test should be the South Carolina-Clemson game. My hunch is that those teams are about on a level. But you bring up a good point: it's hard to tell these things based on 7 games worth of evidence for each team. So we rely on previous biases (See: Dame, Notre). For better or worse...

Richard said...


I know and I agree completely with you on this. I'm just saying that the resume on the top ACC team is incredibly similar to the resume of the top SEC team.

Of course if Florida were to play Boston College, I'd have my money on Florida. However, all you can control in sports is whether or not you beat the team in front of you.

The only reason people are saying the ACC is down is because MIA, FSU and VT aren't at the top. That doesn't mean the conference is weak, just that there are new teams at the top.

(By the way, I'm pretty sure Auburn was thrilled that they didn't have to play Georgia Tech after the beat downs we gave them in the last few seasons.)

Ingrid and Jim said...

I am rooting for West Virginia to beat Louisville... I want them undefeated for the Rutgers game - a playoff for the BCS title game? - in the last week of the season.

Go Rutgers!!!!!

Mike said...

I think another thing lost in everyone being so down on the ACC is that Wake Forest is actually a legitimatly good team this year, especially given that their starting QB broke his arm almost immidiatly this season.

Next season, you can almost bet that Miami will be back. UNC will have a new coach, so we'll have to see how that pans out. And VT's line (which will be back in its entirity next season) showed that they're ready to make up for their errors next season. The ACC is going to be real good.

JT said...

I'm fairly sure it's au pair. I have nothing else to contribute and I don't want to sound like I'm just grammar police so I'll say: "Great column, love your work, keep up the good work."

TBender said...
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TBender said...

Oddity that is the ACC.

GT handles VT
Clemson handles GT
VT handles Clemson
Miami and FSU not in the picture.

I love this conference.

Generik said...

So what we really learned this morning is even the salad at MacDonald's isn't healthy. Am I the only disturbed that a rat could die by eating a macdonald's salad? And the imagery in my mind of someone taking a bite and finding a rat "on its back with its mouth open" is just hysterically funny. Throw in violently ill and lasting physical injury and this is sitcom material. *It's always funnier as long as it doesn't happen to you*

Joe (Livonia, MI) said...

The ACC is not as good as the SEC. It may be as competitive in conference, but non-conference play proves the ACC is not that good. It will be confirmed when UF rolls FSU and South Carolina beats the Clemson team that I predicted was overrated.

Josh said...

The SEC has the most competition at the top end this year. The ACC is frankly a little sad with 2 decent teams and 2 overrated teams. The Big 12 has 2 good teams and they just squared off last week. The Pac-10 has 2 good teams that square off the same day as OSU-Mich. The Big 10 has 2 good teams with one on the rise. Really, when you look around the college football world this year we might have the greatest parity we've had in a long time. In most conferences there are a few teams that rise above the rest but if you take a middle of the road team in any conference and pair them against a middle of the road team anywhere else, really anything could happen.

(Also, I said yesterday, not that afraid of Clemson's rushing attack. They remind me of Oklahoma last year. Stick 8 in the box and make them throw.)

danthemanwise said...


The ASSHAT who voted for OSU over Florida is probably trying to get back at the two ASSHATS who are still voting for WVU in the AP college football poll.