Thursday, October 26, 2006

NFL Power Rankings

As always, submitted without further comment:

1. Bears
2. Colts
3. Broncos
4. Pats
5. Bengals
6. Giants
7. Chargers
8. Saints
9. Falcons
10. Vikings
11. Panthers
12. Rams
13. Cowboys
14. Eagles
15. Ravens
16. Chiefs
17. Seahawks
18. Jags
19. Jets
20. Steelers
21. Bucs
22. Texans
23. Niners
24. Titans
25. Redskins
26. Bills
27. Packers
28. Dolphins
29. Lions
30. Browns
31. Raiders
32. Cardinals

Comment Question: What do your Top 10 (and bottom 10) look like?


Gary said...

Oh how the mighty have fallen,
17. Seahawks
18. Jacksonville

I think your top ten is spot on. It may not represent who would beat whom head to head, but at least it's where these teams deserve to be based on records.

I think the Cowboys ranked ahead of Philly is correct until next week.

When Dallas loses, you can then take the two straight losses compiled with new QB and move them into the 20s.

I think the Steelers are too high, based on expectations, they are the biggest dissapointment this year, by far. If Big Ben starts on Sunday, the Raiders could win! (ok, just kidding)

Anyway, Dan, like my Giants, you are just starting to hit your stride after week 7

Unknown said...

Well..for once I won't complain about the Steelers.

Kurt said...

16 to 6 for the G-men with a win at Dallas, not bad. (I'm guessing you woke up and realized putting them at #16 was ludicrous)

marcomarco said...

Taking tips from the ex-Employer?

Ranks look pretty familiar, tho I agree completely

Myles! said...

Thank god you stopped the "Pats at 2" line of thinking. As a Pats fan, I freely acknowledge that there's no effing way you can put them above the Broncos.

rukrusher said...

Not that it matters but Vikings are better then Falcons off the Seattle win. Eagles have to be ahead of Dallas. And I would drop the Jags even lower based on that poor loss this week.

nep1293 said...

cozman, the Broncos beat the Pats up pretty good earlier in the year, I'd say there's no problem with them ahead of New England

I'd have the Saints a little higher. I'd have the Dolphins last. They lost to Houston, Green Bay, and Buffalo. They barely beat Tennessee. Miami is AWFUL

Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers
New York Giants
Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons
Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers
St Louis Rams
Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars
Seattle Seahawks
New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs
Washington Redskins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills
San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Lions
Tennessee Titans
Cleveland Browns
Oakland Raiders
Arizona Cardinals
Miami Dolphins

mark said...

I don't understand. On Monday Dan wrote:

"So much for my attempt to be ahead of the curve in proclaiming the Panthers as the NFL's No. 2 team. I'm going to have to give this week's title to the Pats, almost by default. (The Colts? Save it.)"

And now . . . flip that.

Nothing wrong with changing your mind in the face of new evidence. But neither team has played any games between then and now.

So who changed your mind?

Of course, this is all a matter of subjective fun; whether a ranker think the Colts or the Pats are better depends at least as much on the ranker had a good day or not as it does on anything objective. And the Colts are a hard team to figure this year, so they're susceptible to all kinds of this sort of thing. The Bears just as much so, ladies and gentlemen, as proven a week ago Monday, but Rankings Inertia is a powerful thing: the Bears are above the Colts because they were there before the Arizona game, and they haven't actually lost since then.

My ranking:

Group A:
Colts (issues on defense)

Group A-1:

Group B (in approximately but not exactly this order):

Group C (the mediocre teams--no attempt at ranking made, since mediocre is mediocre)

Group D (in approximately this order):

Group E (cover-your-eyes awful):

Anonymous said...


The Bears don't belong at top. No NFC team belongs at top. This has become like the AFC in the 90's - we all know, no matter who makes it in, that the AFC team is going to win it all, or it will take a miracle for the NFC team to win.

Keeping the Super Bowl in mind (why bother otherwise?) your list is nearly unintelligible, so here's mine:

Prohibitive favorites:
1. Denver (NE can't beat them, even better D than Bears).
2. Patriots (can win SB if they don't have to play Denver in the playoffs somehow)

Super Bowl maybe, Super Bowl win, never:
3. San Diego Marty will kill their chances before the SB I think. Coached by Belicheck or Shanahan, this is an SB team easy.
4. Bears: unless they face the Chargers in SB. I don't care if they go undefeated, Belicheck isn't going down like Dennis Green.

Contenders who could get lucky:
5. Falcons: Would get killed by a 1 for 21 passing effort from Vick in the most overhyped single player/game combo of history.
6. Saints: will be so happy just to get in the playoffs, I doubt they will make it far.
7. Ravens/Bengals/Steelers: the AFC North mess of teams that could put it together in the playoffs (and in the reg. season for Pitt) with a hot QB/Defense combo.
8. Eagles: the NFC Bills. As a Bills fan, this thrills me. What would the line be on an Eagles/Patriots SB? I think Simmons would start writing about his new Ferrari after this game.