Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday A.M. Quickie:
Cards Win! Cards Win!

Yesterday, I echoed another guy who said if the Cards won they would be the "Most Improbable World Series Champs Ever."

You know I love a good superlative, so use the Comments section to suggest your own superlative to describe these 2006 World Champ St. Louis Cardinals.

Looking back a mere month ago -- when they were on the brink of the worst regular-season choke in baseball history -- it's absolutely incredible.

And, once again, it shows how much the "experts" know. Zilch.


TJ said...

OK, so I had my NBA Finals switched up. This wasn't the 2001 Finals everyone expected (Cards steal a game but get clobbered in the end). Instead, this was a carbon copy of the 2004 NBA Finals--underdog comes in and--against all expectation--destroys the favorite in a 5-game sweep.

Big D said...

Parity. Reigns. Supreme.

Not only do we have the most improbable winner from the eight teams that begain the playoffs less than a month ago, but we've also got the most improbable World Series MVP of "All-Time".

Or, in the fashion of the page to which I am posting:

Weirdest. MVP. Ever.

Seriously - is there one player in all of pro baseball that you could see winning a World Series MVP that would be more of an "out-of-the-blue" candidate than Eckstein?

Even for all the loathing about Barry Bonds, if the Giants ever won a ring (or whatever team he ends up on next year), he would probably be the odds on favorite on recognition alone.

Mega said...

Some of those eating sour grapes need to give credit where its due. I am eating crow since I thought it would be Detroit in 5.

Congrats to the Cards and their fans.

Paul L Carter said...

I agree with Mike: Luckiest. Champs. Ever.

As for the Tigers, a Gary Gaetti quote says it best:

"It's hard to hit when you have both hands around your neck."

mark said...

It was the Sloppiest. World Series. Ever.

No disrespect meant to the Cards, but--okay, I absolutely do mean disrespect to the Cards. They only won because they were marginally less sloppy. My thought, watching the three games that I saw all or part of, was "This is supposed to be championship-caliber baseball?"

TBender said...

The Cards played less sloppy?

I guess their pitching staff's contribution to the cause was overlooked (s pratt points it out too). Give credit where it's due - Dave Duncan had those guys prepared and ready to get the Tigers out. The only bad thing the pitching did was keep throwing Casey low & inside strikes so he could knock down the rightfield wall.

Did Detroit choke? Absolutely. But St. Louis put the Tigers' hands in position to squeeze.

The heroin sheik said...

Most boring series ever. Maybe it wasnot giving a shit about either team but to me it was one of the most boring WS ever. The cards pitching was more solid for the most part and I have no idea what the tigers were swinging at. I am just glad that the ECK contributed so much. He will always be my most favorite gator player in the bigs. He was scrappy in college and has been a consumate team player every where he has been. He might have only hit just under 300 in the 02 series but he had timely hits and was solid with the leather.

OK I will take my nose out of his ass. I did after all have a class with him at UF and he is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Yeah Yeah Yeah my man crush is evident but I doubt there has ever been a better person to win the award in my recent memory.