Thursday, January 08, 2009

BCS National Title Live-Blog (Ish)

End of 3rd Quarter: Edge goes to Florida, finally. Didn't like the offensive series to end that quarter -- Dan Mullen is going to the "Tebow keeper up the gut for 3" offense. (I'm not averse to Tebow scrambling when the play breaks down, but it feels like they are designed when they are least effective. It's Mullen's crutch.) Can't believe just one quarter left. Too close to call.

Prediction: If the game continues at its current low-scoring, mildly ugly pace, we will DEFINITELY see a split national champ. This is the excuse that AP voters would be looking for.

Halftime: Umm...WHAT THE F IS HAPPENING HERE? A friend who is a die-hard Texas fan just called to say that he is gleeful to finally see a team that gets luckier breaks than Oklahoma.

Let's see: Florida suffered through TWO Tebow INTs, let Oklahoma run wild, can't touch Bradford and were lucky to get a 4th down stop and a goal-line INT. They are getting outplayed.

By the way: Both the broadcasters and the refs -- but especially the broadcasters -- are among the worst I have ever seen in a big game.

End of 1st Quarter: Well that was surprisingly...defensive. Oklahoma's D is playing WAY better than I think everyone expected. Penalties are the only thing keeping OU from a first-quarter lead.

Gametime: Because Lee Corso taunted me by saying his partner, Kirk Herbstreit, was the only one to pick Florida to win the national championship -- in the preseason.

Ahem. Not the ONLY one.

Go Gators. Let's get this going.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

The announcers are HORRIBLE. Oklahoma seems like they are moving the ball at will, but they only have 7 points? Strange game.

Qwagmire said...

The GMAC bowl was more exciting...

Neither team is setting the world on fire, either the defenses are that good or the offenses are that rusty.

Is Percy Harvin jealous Tebow and his roommate might sit around drawing up plays between themselves?

psm said...

Wow, Tebow is a bit of a dick.

Chad Stanton said...

Why look Oklahoma is being beat by 10 who else beat Oklahoma by 10?

Qwagmire said...

Congratulations! Your spouse will allow you to live another year :)

bird said...

A little bit late, but Dan, I totally agree with you about the announcers--why didn't Fox assign one of their NFL announcing teams to this game (it was ONLY the National Championship!). These announcers were AWFUL! Fortunately, I tended to ignore them beginning in the fourth quarter! GO GATORS!!