Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wednesday 01/07 A.M. Quickie:
BCS, Celtics, Arkansas, McDaniels, More

Memo to Texas fans, to Utah fans, to USC fans (and their coaches and media boosters):

Lobbying for the AP half of the national title is in vain, and that's the lead of my SN column this morning.

You will NOT get the AP to split its vote and crown a different national champ than the BCS title game will generate. Not with the two teams playing for the title ranked 1-2 in the AP poll.

(In the widely cited 2003 split, USC entered the bowl season as AP No. 1. So, if anything, if Florida had been snubbed for the BCS title game for, say, Texas, then the Gators would be eligible.)

And so I have a proposition for you: Court the bloggers, because the BlogPoll Top 25 looms as the next-biggest/next-best poll out there (and don't forget about that blogger cachet!)

Yes, coaches and media: I know you disdain the bloggers. But bloggers are the ones with the open mind to not only reflect the nation's interest in a split, but convince ourselves that a team other than the Florida-Oklahoma winner is, in fact, the nation's best.

(Please note that I am doing everything I can to restrain myself from going bats--t crazy on the blog in anticipation of the game tomorrow night. I will limit myself to tomorrow, and even then, a few limited posts.)

Meanwhile, a few other storylines you will find in today's column:

*OK, Celtics fans: NOW it's time to panic.
*How is Arkansas hoops not ranked?
*I want MY team to hire Josh McDaniels, too.
*OK, BC: Time to fire Jagodzinski.
*Gus Malzahn is going to turn Auburn around.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

"The poll is the BlogPoll, the most authentic college football ranking in the country — filled out each week by more than a hundred passionate and expert college football bloggers, covering every conference, team, region and rooting interest."

So passionate that many do not fill out their polls on a weekly basis and I believe there was at least one member who did not vote in a single week.

Dan, you are a blogger, and very good at it. With that said, not everything you are involved with is a big deal. I could find 100 friends of mine who are just as passionate (and unqualified) to decide a national champion. We would probably be more qualified given our vast amounts of free and (thanks to cable TV) the ability to watch more than a handful game each week, we also would all participate. We could do our poll, we could even post it on a website (gasp), and it would be as meaningless as the blogpoll.

I also find it hilarious you support a poll with the quote "It's more fun. No one really cares, so we can just vote" as a founding reason for it.

Statements like this reflect your credibility. If bloggers want to taken seriously, they can't continue to shoot off their mouths about every random topic you have a problem with. Well actually, you can, just you common sense and reasoning in your stance.

Reformation of the process is needed. The Blogpoll is not the answer.

pete said...

Maybe you want to cut Mack Brown some slack when your own team's coach says he would do and has done the same thing