Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tailgate: Prediction/Ultimate Quickie Jinx?

One of a series of posts written late last night about tonight's game.

I have never felt so comfortable before a big game as I have going into this one. I honestly think Florida will win handily. I will be sincerely shocked if they lose. Not merely devastated -- shocked.

Am I willing to predict a score? Not quite. I think Florida will top the 45 that Texas hung on Oklahoma. I think Florida will hold Oklahoma to less than the 35 they scored on Texas.

If I really, truly believe that Florida will win by 20+, that necessarily means that I'm thinking of something along the lines of 48-28 -- 6 TDs and 2 FG for Florida, 4 TDs for Oklahoma.

Make no mistake: It is entirely inappropriate how confident I am feeling about this game.

-- D.S.

Next up: Catch you later tonight with in-game updates/neuroses.

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