Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday 01/10 (Very) Quickie: Cavs Rule

Between the way the Celtics have been playing lately and the way the Cavs have been playing at home, last night's dominant Cavs win -- LeBron was excellent -- wasn't much of a surprise.

Question: Does this affirm the Cavs as the best team in the East? Or do they not earn that status until they vanquish the Celtics from the playoffs?

Michael Crabtree going pro: He could have gone pro after last season, too. In fact, the whole "redshirt sophomores are draft-eligible" is ludicrous -- how is that so different from true sophs?

NFL Playoffs today: Good day to just sit inside and watch games.

Still savoring the Florida win. And contemplating if Tebow will/should go pro -- check out the post below, if you missed it yesterday.

-- D.S.

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ryan said...

If Charlie Strong can't get an excellent head coaching position after Thursday night's gem, there really is something seriously wrong with the state of college football.