Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tailgate: Florida O vs. Oklahoma D

One of a series of posts written late last night about tonight's game.

Florida's offense is better than the best Oklahoma has seen this season (Texas or Texas Tech) -- you could argue the Florida's offense is every bit as good as Oklahoma's.

Oklahoma's defense is perhaps the 8th or 9th best defense that Florida has seen this season -- Oklahoma winning a national title with that low-ranked of a D would defy all sorts of BCS history.

Will Florida hit home runs? Even if Harvin is "only" 90 percent, Jeff Demps is ready for a BCS break-out. Chris Rainey

But I actually think Florida's success comes in simply moving the chains, even 5 yards at a time. Drain the clock; keep Oklahoma's offense off the field. Wear down the D.

What are your keys to the game?

-- D.S.

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