Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tailgate: Final BlogPoll Ballot of 2008 Season

One of a series of posts written late last night about tonight's game.

The final BlogPoll ballots are due tomorrow morning
-- I'll probably file mine overnight tonight. And, as usual, I want your help.

If Florida wins, let's assume they'll be No. 1. But how do the rest line up behind them, including Oklahoma? (Same thing in the scenario -- gack -- that Oklahoma wins.) Anyway, this is how I'm sizing up the final list:

1. Florida/Oklahoma winner
2. Utah
3. USC
4. Texas
5. Florida/Oklahoma loser
6. TCU
7. Alabama
8. Ole Miss
9. Penn St
10. Georgia
11. Cincinnati -- Whoops. Will adjust this for sure.
12. Texas Tech
13. Ohio St
14. Boise St
15. Oregon

-- D.S.

P.S.: One other complication, based on yesterday's post. Let me pose a hypothetical: Let's say that Florida wins, but I honestly think that the only team in the country that could beat Florida is Utah. Am I obligated to rank Utah at No. 1? Or is the "could" simply not enough enough to nullify what would be a Florida win -- potentially a big one -- over a very good Oklahoma team?

(Note that this is not the same as the bullshit being thrown around that voters should pick Utah as some sort of protest vote, where they don't actually believe Utah is the best team, but just want to stick it to the BCS. I actually think Utah would give Florida a game. A hell of a game.)

Next hour: I go on the couch about this past season.


Ben Bromley said...

Cincinnati at number 11 and no Virginia Tech when Tech won the Orange Bowl handily?!/DuelingAces said...

I think your forgetting that Cincinnati lost to Va. Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Don said...

The Florida/Oklahoma loser should not automatically be 5th, its really kind of dependent on how the game goes. If the loser gets blown out, they might deserve to be lower than that. If its an incredible game that comes down to a field goal at the end or some overtime, it seems harsh to drop the loser to 5th after they just gave the supposed No. 1 team all they could handle on a "neutral" field.

Jon said...

"...the only team in the country that could beat Florida is Utah."

No, the question is whether or not Ole Miss could beat Utah since they already took care of Florida.