Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Drew Magary KOs My Jaguars Fandom

I think your measure as a person can be gauged by the level of ass-kicking criticism you receive from Deadspin's Drew Magary.

If that's the case, then based on this withering post from Drew about the Jaguars -- leading with my Jags fandom -- I am a very very VERY quality person.

I will be the first to admit my Jaguars fandom was tenuously achieved -- it had actually eroded, pending my inevitable conversion to whatever team drafts Tim Tebow. (Come on: What else would you expect?)

Mostly, I offer my apologies to all REAL Jaguars fans out there -- and I have heard from many of you over the years, especially the top-notch Jaguars bloggers. I salute your fandom.

Even if you cringe at mine.

-- D.S.

PS: Bethesda Bagels ARE superior.

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