Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday 08/08 (Very) Quickie

Last night's finish will be the single-best highlight of A-Rod's season.

Cavs fans: Can LeBron make it any more clear how little he cares about you? Salvage your self-respect and abandon him before he abandons you.

If this is it for John Smoltz, it's better for him to go out with the tank on empty than to have always wondered if he retired too early.

The Nats have won 6 straight, in the biggest "WTF" of the season so far.

Now that Knowshon Moreno has been signed, it only remains to be seen how absurdly early I draft him in my fantasy leagues.

Wow, has it really been a year since the Olympics started?

-- D.S.

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Brad Templeman said...

The Nats (now) 7 game winning streak is built on their unstoppable offense: they are leading the Majors in runs scored during August. Jim Riggleman for Manager of the Year?